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6 Unique & Attractive Designs of Custom Rigid Boxes

Custom Rigid Boxes

When we want a unique and glamorous touch, we use rigid boxes. That sort of packaging is the best choice to create a glamorous look. It also gives your items a unique and stand-out touch. On the other hand, these also offer maximum security and firmness to your products-no matter whether you need these for apparel, electronics, or any other item. In short, these are the best options for all your luxury needs and requirements. Due to so much importance, we have brought you these 6 Unique & Attractive Designs of Custom Rigid Boxes. You can also personalize them just the way you like. Bring any innovation in print style or anything that you want. Let us start with the very first design style.

1.  Try out Various Unique Geometric Forms

That is the easiest and simple way to add to the value and eye-catchy appearance of your rigid boxes. But, when we think of a custom-made appearance, it gives us the freedom to choose any style and design.

Paper product packaging is more malleable than other materials so you can convert them into different shapes. That is the reason we have the full option of whether to make a hexagon, triangular, square, or even circle-shaped box.

To create a cutting-edge design, you will have to do some research first. That will help you develop methods better than your competitors. Then, enhance these boxes with foil print, embossing, debossing, glossy/matte lamination, and many other options.

Such product packaging aids develop a distinct look for your brand name in the challenging competition. You can create them with any stock that will represent your brand more adorably. That style is the top of our 6 Unique & Attractive Designs of Custom Rigid Boxes.

2.  One-piece High-end Rigid Box Packaging

This style is uncomplicated and also provides a powerful appearance. That is another excellent way to present your luxury items in a superior presentation. One-piece packaging is generally produced for gifts and mobile objects. It is accordingly available in various shapes and forms.

You can even stylize these boxes in geometric cut-out designs. It is available in a square, rectangle, or oval form. Another great perk is that you can accommodate any item in such retail boxes, from small to large. The deluxe product packaging manufacturers design them to prevent sensitive things from every damage.

Personalizing these boxes can take your item packaging to entire various levels. As a result, multiple businesses generally utilize these shapes to catch the eye of their target audience.

3.  Apply Green Packaging to Promote Sustainability

That is another excellent way to enhance the appearance of your rigid box packaging. If your brand focuses on sustainability, show this in your packaging design. The increasing environmental issues concerning eco-friendliness include luxury products and packaging suppliers.

You might add a symbol of reusing product packaging or create your logo to mirror your environmentally friendly worry. Such unique variations will certainly order numerous consumers for your business with regard to various types of retail boxes.

Because of this, eco-friendly and recyclable product use is becoming the most considerable need of time. Publish these boxes minimally. Use natural shade hues to develop a sense of style and charm.

4.  Display Your Items through Die Cut Window Style

We are living in a hectic life cycle. Today no one has enough time to open and see what is packed inside a box. For that purpose, they rely on the images and product descriptions you supply on the box.

Usually, a box manufacturer will produce boxes that are not possible to open. These aspects make it impossible for the target audience to see what is inside the box. A die-cut window with a transparent screen can make all that happen. In addition, when you make it for a rigid container, it will add to the luxury look of your box.

You can decorate these windows by utilizing ribbons or introducing our brand color. By using openness, you can produce different displays for the same item. It makes your articles more recognizable on store shelves and retail counters.

Though all that transparency is not a new idea, you can present it uniquely. Nonetheless, the way you present it can add originality to your product packing. For example, a window or a die-cut pattern on your customized boxes provides customers a sneak peek to explore the product.

5.  Make your Rigid Box Special with Inserts

High-end inserts are always an excellent idea for an added touch of luxury. We see that type of packaging style mostly in jewelry items and mobile phone packaging. When it comes to inserts, a custom box design with a cover and a base are used. It helps suit your inserts so well to enhance the overview much more. Great touch to your brand’s screen inserts the most reliable way. You may also consider printing on the insert to make them more alluring.

The reason for using the insert is twofold. First, it makes the inner item safe and free from bruises, scratches, etc. Secondly, when you open the box, it will furnish you with an excellent unboxing appeal.

Also, embossing or debossing your brand’s logo on them adds additional branding. Such high-end custom boxes help display your products more properly in stores so that the clients might see the item and the branding product.

6.  Exquisite and High-Class Magnetic Closures

If you want to keep your delicate luxury rigid item packaging sage and sound, here is the last but most crucial style out of today’s 6 Unique & Attractive Designs of Custom Rigid Boxes.

Magnetic closures are enough to ensure your box will not open with mechanical shocks. Usually, it is the best fit for mobile, gift, and perfume items. These need an added touch of security. If developed artistically, this style can change the overall look of your rigid luxury box.

You can also add a layer of defense by making the lid compact and stiff. Moreover, you can create a closure system having a string and a hook. It looks enticing and also is practical to make use of.

Final Word

We are sure that applying the above shapes and styles to your luxury boxes will change the concept of rigid box packaging for you and your end-users. You can also add other styles and designs to the above list that would make your user experience much more enhanced.

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