Author name: Kayla Ortiz

In my role as a senior editor at TBP, I focus on packaging & printing technique. My research endeavors are aimed at gaining more knowledge about the packaging industry.

Kayla Ortiz
clothing packaging ideas

8 Best Clothing Packaging Ideas

Are you in the clothing business looking for sustainable packaging ideas for your eco-conscious customers? You are at the right place.  In today’s world, where sustainability and eco-consciousness are becoming essential to consider, the packaging industry is changing accordingly with the trend. Being in a clothing business, you need packaging for the safety of your

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Alternatives to Cardboard

5 Best Alternatives to Cardboard

Cardboard can be substituted with a variety of different materials, but brands are searching for alternatives that are environment-friendly and cost-effective. Traditional packaging materials are becoming boring to potential customers. Therefore, companies are making every effort to develop product packaging that is functional and exciting.  5 Alternatives to Cardboard Material  Environmentally friendly packaging material is

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What is Die Cutting?

Die Cutting is a process used to cut custom shapes and designs from various materials, including paper, cardboard, fabric, and metal. It involves using a die, a specialized tool with sharp blades, to cut the material into a specific shape.  Die Cutting is commonly used in manufacturing packaging, labels, and other custom products. What is

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