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Kayla Ortiz

In my role as a senior editor at TBP, I focus on packaging & printing technique. My research endeavors are aimed at gaining more knowledge about the packaging industry.

Kayla Ortiz
clothing packaging ideas

8 Best Clothing Packaging Ideas

Are you in the clothing business looking for sustainable packaging ideas for your eco-conscious customers? You are at the right place.  In today’s world, where sustainability and eco-consciousness are becoming essential to consider, the packaging industry is changing accordingly with the trend. Being in a clothing business, you need packaging for the safety of your …

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Alternatives to Cardboard

5 Best Alternatives to Cardboard

Cardboard can be substituted with a variety of different materials, but brands are searching for alternatives that are environment-friendly and cost-effective. Traditional packaging materials are becoming boring to potential customers. Therefore, companies are making every effort to develop product packaging that is functional and exciting.  5 Alternatives to Cardboard Material  Environmentally friendly packaging material is …

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Cardboard Boxes

Why are Cardboard Boxes Expensive for Packaging in 2023?

Cardboard boxes have recently become more expensive because the packaging material is now four times more expensive. During the past few years, raw materials such as cellulose related to cardboard production have increased by 60-80%, drastically impacting the eCommerce sector.  Those who run online stores have already felt the impact of rising packaging costs. What …

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Exploring Types of Product Packaging Inserts

Exploring Types of Product Packaging Inserts

Product packaging inserts add a significant level of value to the overall package experience. Additionally, these inserts create a memorable unboxing experience for customers, not only for protecting items during shipping. Additionally to providing physical protection, packaging inserts can showcase important information about the brand or product in a creative and attractive way. In addition …

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What is Die Cutting?

Die Cutting is a process used to cut custom shapes and designs from various materials, including paper, cardboard, fabric, and metal. It involves using a die, a specialized tool with sharp blades, to cut the material into a specific shape.  Die Cutting is commonly used in manufacturing packaging, labels, and other custom products. What is …

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