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Benefits of Using Custom Mailer Boxes

E-commerce now relies heavily on custom mailer boxes. The more information you have on these retail boxes, the better prepared you are to make an informed decision about whether to use them for your eCommerce or subscription business. Your firm can benefit from custom mailers in eight ways – let’s explore them.

Boxes For Custom Mailing: What Are They?

The contents of a mailbox are well secured during the product shipping process because it consists of corrugated cardboard. External packaging is not an option for these boxes, which boosts their cost and makes them harder to use. 

You can customize the look of your mailers with branded graphics, text, and logos. Thus, subscription and eCommerce brands benefit from mailing boxes customized for them. 

Custom mailers for business: 8 benefits

The custom boxes for mailing for your business can offer a number of benefits, it turns out. A few of the most common ones are listed below: 

1. Easily portable: 

A number of differences exist between mailers vs. shipping boxes. A shipping box is quite difficult to assemble, while a mailer is very simple to assemble. Lightweight is one of the main benefits of a custom-made mailing box. Because the products don’t require much storage space and don’t take up a lot of weight, they are very easy to store and ship. Also, because of this, clients can carry them with ease, and it is a plus for them. It makes the unboxing experience a great one by giving a boost to its success. 

2. To ensure security: 

The flaps on custom-made boxes for mailing ensure the contents will remain inside without falling out, keeping them secure and sturdy. Corrugated cardboard, which is crush- and puncture-proof, ensures the security of custom mailers. 

3. Cost-effective: 

The raw material of mailer box is low-cost, making them cost-effective. Also, these products are in high demand. In other words, packaging suppliers should offer competitive prices for the products they offer. You can rest assured that when you order from reliable firms, you will get the best price since they match their prices on custom-made boxes for mailing. 

4. Flexible: 

Due to their wide variety of sizes and shapes, custom-made boxes for mailing are versatile since they can fit just about anything you need to package. Also, they are available in various types of paper, such as “oyster” paper, “Kemi” paper, and Kraft mailer box in brown. 

5. Specify your size: 

There is no default customization when it comes to custom mailers. Your company may allow you to specify details such as the size, width, and depth, as well as the type of paper and ink to be used.

From the printing options to the interior sizes and everything in between, reputed firms allow clients to customize every aspect of custom cardboard boxes wholesale. 

6. Eco-friendly: 

Mailing boxes made with custom materials are also eco-friendly because they use largely recycled materials to make them, as well as being able to recycle them after they are complete.

The bottom line is that custom mailers are the ideal packaging option for eco-friendly firms. Brands that care about the environment are more likely to attract clients and are more likely to provide them with green packaging. 

7. As a marketing tool: 

Incorporating your logo, colors, and fonts into custom mailer boxes makes them a useful marketing tool. They will surely notify you and probably remember your brand when they see them on the front porch of their neighbor. 

8. An unboxing experience: 

An incredible unboxing experience awaits clients when they receive custom-made boxes for mailing. They are also increasing their demands on companies, which is another thing they want from them. Mailing boxes have the sensation of opening a present when you open them. You can further enhance the unboxing experience by adding components such as inserts, fillers, or artwork of your own. 

What is the best way to design mailers?

It is vital that you think about what are mailer boxes going to include before you begin designing your custom-made boxes for mailing. It would be a good idea to start by imagining the kind of mailing box that your clients would enjoy receiving. Why are the contents of the cardboard box going to excite them so much that they want to buy it? 

Next, you should consider the brand’s existing look and feel to see where you can go from there. Are you looking to establish a quirky and fun brand or one that is more serious and mature? Designing your box according to the needs of your product is vital. In order to create a custom mailer that reflects your brand image, you need to include your company’s colors, fonts, and logo. 

The final thing you should think about when designing your mailing box is the items inside. If the products are fragile or delicate, ensure there is enough room and safety for them. 

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