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Best Packaging Companies in UAE

packaging companies in UAE

Is it your goal to find packaging companies in UAE whose services are of the highest quality? There are so many options that you become confused due to the large number. The term packaging is used by many people around the world today and is a common one.

Clients often perceive products based on their packaging, making them impactful at first glance. The packaging of a product greatly affects its success, and brands should never overlook its value. You can build loyalty to your brand for years by making the right first impression on your clients.

At its most basic level, the packaging ensures the safety of the product inside. It is vital to use packaging when shipping products from factory facilities to retailers. During the shelf life of the product, it must be possible to prevent damage to the product. It is, therefore, vital that products come in reliable, sturdy packaging. Several companies pack their products with seals and locks to ensure their safety and integrity. Clients’ products will function as intended if they arrive in a reliable, secure manner.

Also, packaging should convey what’s inside and promote it. In most cases, packaging also includes nutrition info and food details. It is possible that there are also steps on how to set it up and use it. In order to satisfy clients and to keep them happy, one of the most vital things is to show key details about the product. If the buyer understands what they are buying, they are more likely to be happy with their buy. If you don’t want to add a lot of words about the product, you could just let it speak for itself.

5 Best Packaging Companies in UAE

There is a change in the media market as a result of a change in buying behavior across the board. The sale of packaging products is also on the rise as a result of an increase in market demand. Clients mainly look for three things when it comes to packaging. The material should be of a high grade, no matter whether the packaging is for food or not. The shipping process should be simple, and the handling step should also be hassle-free. Client service and quality are key factors in exporting.

There are a number of packaging companies operating in the UAE. The firms we have compiled below are the biggest and the best ones of their kind.

Arbros Forest Resources Fzco

Arbros group is a global supplier of the board, paper, pulp, and wood whose business operations are in North America, the Middle East, Europe, the Asian Sub Continent, and the Far East. It has operated from its base in packaging companies in UAE since 1995, making Arbros one of the Middle East’s leading trading houses. A focus on Africa and the Indian region as well as the MENA region.

It is evident in every aspect of Arbros’ work that team members work well together. As a result, they aspire to become one of the most admired and reliable trading houses on the market as soon as possible. Since 1995, when the group first started in the paper trading business, the company has grown into one of the top Middle Eastern trading firms. All types of paper, packaging materials, pulp, and wood are actively imported, invoiced, bought in bulk, and traded. Their clients include Sappi, April, StoraEnso, and others that are among the world’s largest paper makers. They are able to manage the entire process on-site, which enables them to manage orders, warehouses, and logistics, as well as invoices and client services. 

Shubham Plastics FZE.

They produce high-quality industrial and consumer packaging containers at Shubham Plastics FZE, an established manufacturing facility in SAIF Zone. In their view, the company should run itself in a way that is socially responsible. The company set out to create products of the best quality currently on the market. All with the aim of providing the most effective packaging choices. In addition to its interest in several diverse industries, the company is a subsidiary of Shubham Group UAE.

Having a neat and organized shop floor is one of the firm’s strengths. The team has a high level of expertise, experience, and drive to meet market demands. Quality control describes the steps they take to ensure all the products they make in-house meet various quality parameters. 

Al Ain Plastic Industries

It was the first company to be set up in the U.A.E plastic processing industry. In 1989, the company opened a factory capable of producing plastic products of 450 metric tons of per month. Al Ain Industrial Area is the name of the area where the factory complex is located. There are few plastics processors that can compare to it in Al Ain. In addition to manufacturing and marketing plastic packaging for homes, retail stores, construction, and agriculture, Al Ain Plastic also deals in making and marketing plastic products for the industrial sector. It employs over 80 highly skilled workers, and it has the most advanced technology, such as digitally controlled Italian, Taiwanese, and other automatic machines. Quality control is strictly enforced at the factory. Raw materials for the process come from respected industry firms such as QAPCO in QATAR and SABIC in SAUDI ARABIA.

Plastica Industries LLC

Injection Molded Products like Garment Hangers, Storage Bins, Jug Lids, and many other products are made by them. As a leading plastic product maker, the company produces plastic and paper shopping bags, as well as bag headers, injection-molded products, and other plastic goods. A whole range of packaging solutions is available to their clients through this company. They provide a wide range of products across a wide range of markets to their largely growing clientele in the UAE due to their office in Hong Kong, China. The company has also made a name for itself within the entire GCC region due to the fact that they have done such a thing.

It has been possible for them to establish in the local, regional, and international markets for their products a niche for the packaging industry that caters to the needs of clients. In addition to their extensive knowledge and experience, they have the ability to deliver a range of packaging products that cover the entire spectrum of manufacture, supply, trade, and export. In order to meet International Quality Standards, they use the latest machinery and modern methods of production. Their production unit aims to achieve excellence through the use of futuristic technology combined with skilled and trained workers. As a result, their products and services are of high quality.

Universal Carton Industries LLC

In UAE, Universal carton Industries LLC is a new entity formed by Pirani group and Universal Packaging. In terms of client service and packaging, they have a great deal of experience. To ensure that products will arrive in a safe and secure manner, Universal carton offers the perfect packaging solution for clients. In Al Ghail industrial area, Ras Al Khaimah, Universal carton industries cover an area of 240,000 square feet.

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