Cookie boxes

Custom cookie boxes are designed to maintain the freshness and flavor of your cookies along with protection. These boxes are often personalized with unique designs and branding elements to meet the specific requirements of bakeries. You can customize the size, shape, and style of the boxes to perfectly fit your cookies, enhancing their presentation.

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Cookie Box Specifications

Material Options:

Explore a selection of premium materials tailored to your preferences:

  • Standard White: This option offers a clean, classic appearance, boasting durability suitable for various cookie products.
  • Premium White: Elevate your packaging with a touch of luxury, featuring sleek and polished finishes. 
  • Brown Kraft: Opt for our eco-friendly brown Kraft material to convey a rustic vibe, ideal for showcasing your commitment to sustainability on cookie boxes.

We prioritize food-grade materials to ensure safety for food contact. By utilizing the finest materials, our packaging ensures durability and protection for your cookies during transportation and storage. 

Material Thickness:

Choose from three material thickness options to support your cookie boxes:

  • 14pt: Provides a sturdy and reliable option for your packaging needs.
  • 18pt: Strikes a balance between durability and flexibility, ensuring your cookie packaging withstands handling and transportation.
  • 24pt: Offers the utmost durability with heavyweight material, protecting your products during storage and shipping.


Custom cookie boxes offer a variety of color options, to complement your brand’s look.

  • CMYK: Utilize the CMYK color model for precise color reproduction and vibrant designs.
  • Pantone: Ensure color accuracy and consistency with Pantone matching for your custom cookie boxes, achieving the exact shades you desire.

You may consider special colors like Metallic Silver or Metallic Gold for a touch of luxury.

Printing Sides:

Select your preferred printing options:

  • Outside Printing only
  • Inside printing only
  • Printing on both sides
  • No printing


Customize your cookie boxes with a range of finishes:

  • Matte: Provides a smooth, non-reflective surface, adding a sophisticated touch.
  • Gloss: Enhances colors and images with a glossy, reflective coating, elevating the visual appeal of cookie boxes.
  • Soft Touch: Offers a velvety texture for a luxurious experience.


Elevate the unboxing experience with special features such as:

  • Embossing: Enhances custom cookie boxes by raising logos, patterns, and text elements.
  • Debossing: Delivers a subtle yet impactful impression by imprinting designs into the surface for a refined and unique look.

Popular Styles:

Discover some popular styles for custom cookie boxes; 

  • Handle-Shaped Boxes: Convenient and portable, with a built-in handle for easy carrying. It is ideal for gifts. 
  • Window-Shaped Boxes: Offers a sneak peek of the cookies inside, and attracts customers visually.

Each of them offers unique benefits tailored to your preferences. 

Enhancing Customer Experience with Custom Cookie Boxes

Creating custom cookie boxes is all about delighting customers and making their experience with your delicious baked goods even better. These boxes are ambassadors of your brand, conveying care, quality, and creativity. 

Capture your customers’ attention and leave a lasting impression with our eye-catching custom-designed cookie boxes. In a competitive market, our custom cookie boxes stand out with unique designs and innovative features.

Additionally, our use of top-quality, water-based inks for printing provides vibrant colors and sharp details, elevating the unboxing experience. Whether you opt for bold graphics, elegant patterns, or intricate details, our printing capabilities allow you to bring your vision to life. 

Maximize Your Brand Sales

Incorporate logos, eye-catching graphics, artwork, and designs to attract attention and showcase your brand’s personality. This adds visual appeal to your packaging.

Moreover, Print essential information, such as ingredient details, directly onto your cookie packaging. This ensures brand recognition and provides important information to customers. Adding effective taglines that resonate with target audiences differentiates your cookies from competitors. This will ultimately drive sales.

Cost-effective Wholesale cookie boxes

Wholesale cookie boxes provide a cost-effective packaging solution for businesses aiming to minimize expenses while maintaining product quality. Moreover, these boxes are carefully packaged and presented with professionalism.


What types of events or occasions are custom cookie boxes suitable for?

Custom cookie boxes are perfect for various events and occasions, including weddings, birthdays, holidays, corporate events, baby showers, graduations, and more. 

What is the typical processing time for my custom cookie box orders?

Our standard manufacturing process typically takes 8 to 10 business days, with an additional 2 to 3 days for shipping. However, please note that exceptions may apply for rush orders.

Can I request a sample of Customized Cookie packaging?

Certainly! You are welcome to request a sample, and we will happily fulfill your request.

Can I customize the design of my custom cookie box?

You can personalize your custom cookie box design with logos, images, text, and patterns to reflect your brand, event theme, or personal style.

Is there a minimum quantity required to place an order?

There is no minimum requirement; you are welcome to order any quantity of packaging without restrictions.

Are the cookie boxes eco-friendly?

Yes, we offer eco-friendly options for our custom cookie boxes. We prioritize sustainability and offer recyclable, and biodegradable materials to minimize environmental impact.