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Creative Packaging Ideas for 10 Trendiest Box Designs

Creative Packaging Ideas for 10 Trendiest Box Designs

The key to securing a competitive edge comes from standing up to your rivals. You can sell your products more readily with novel packaging designs.

Even ordinary products can look distinctive with creative packaging design. Let’s take toothpaste as an example. Brushing your teeth is a necessity for everyone. It’s not hard to find a lot of brands vying for attention.

What do you do if you want customers to choose you as their brand? 

Having a good track record indeed leads the way. There is also no doubt that great designs have the power to affect users’ minds as well.

Let’s get inspired, shall we? 

For your custom packaging, here are the top 10 Creative packaging ideas to think about:

Get creative with these top ten trendy box design tips

It’s now easier for you to come up with a design and to see how it works. Let’s move on to the fun part. Here is some insight for you on how to design a box. 

Keep it Simple by Telling a Story

Telling your story and introducing yourself to clients is the perfect way to develop trust with them. By telling your clients stories, you can connect with them more deeply. Allow them a glimpse into your background and your values.

It was in 2016 that an organic food company started providing stories on cereal boxes. A full-color photograph added color to these little stories and gave context to the food’s origins and making. People played an active role, including ranchers, grain farmers, and other stakeholders in the cereal’s harvest. It’s more than a single side to a custom product box. Also, get the most out of your money by covering the entire box with images, quotes, or brand details.

The reason is simple, brands like FabFitFun’s boxes pop up everywhere on YouTube, and so do video unboxing. The company changes the look of its mailers to match each season. In most cases, every square inch of the box comes with bright graphics.

Use unique shapes and include durable inner parts

An eye-catching box’s exterior may make an impact at first glance. Yet, it is crucial not to forget about how things are inside. A cardboard carrying case comes with Tait Design Company’s Turbo Flyer. In the kit, the balsa pieces easily snap together. So, if you wish to tuck it away at home, bring it outside, and it will remain safe.

Cuboids aren’t the only type of box. There’s usually a rectangle shape to make it easier to store and carry. No matter what shape the box is, no hard and fast rule forbids it. Let’s take cigar boxes as an example. So, many firms opt for cardboard boxes for a cigar. These boxes are widely available for this reason. It is easy to customize them. Also, these boxes are possible with a blend of other materials for Creative Ideas for Cigar Boxes. There are wooden boxes on top of the shelves. So, wooden cases for cigars are the best choice to create a buzz.

Creates it Gift-Worthy by matching contents to packaging

Make sure that the product you sell never leaves your head. What’s inside your box should show in the packaging. A good example is Young Willow, such as clothing, bibs, books, and toys, which specializes in trendy, luxury baby gifts. Based on the site, it is clear that the company is trying to achieve a high-end look. With this brand, you won’t find any flashy primary colors. Soft and subtle makes it look like everything is in place. Further reflecting their brand identity are their boxes. 

It’s big business to throw a baby shower. Gifts presented in beautiful boxes are the best way to enhance the new mother’s joy. There is a separate item on the Young Willow website for gift boxes because they are so pretty. A design to carry the logos and names, the boxes have soft pastel hues, in shades of pastel pink, lavender, and green, all embossed. The gift box can sometimes be as vital as the contents. So, you have to package your gift in a fun and engaging manner that attracts every age niche. 

Choose one bright color and make it bold.

It is unlikely that you would not think of Ray and Charles Eames when you think of mid-century modern design. There are many design awards that they have won over the years. Museums around the world exhibit their furniture. A simple product like children’s building blocks deserves a customized box, so it’s no surprise a lot of thought went into it. 

A carefully crafted box encases Eames House Blocks in an elegant yet simple package. Boxes have simple shapes with a few simple graphics attached to them. But the bold red and black colors give it a sense of boldness. If you are trying to catch the eye with your box, you do not need to use a rainbow of colors. Color can radically alter the look of a room, even if it is a single color.

Create a pop-up with a unique stamp, label, or a sticker 

You can have stylishly boxes made in your company logo if you want. Each box can also come with a variety of options. Also, every box printing companies budget can’t afford that. But don’t worry, anyone can design their cardboard boxes with affordable design elements. You can use custom stamps to create an elegant yet simple design at a low cost.

Getting an attractive, sleek box doesn’t require printing graphics on it. You may not feel like giving yourself a unique design for the box of your product. Also, you can customize your cartons by using a creative sticker or label.

Make it fun by adding ad-on or finishing details.

The retail display boxes you use for your retail products should include a variety of patterns. You can use some ad-on like Die cut window, gold foiling/silver foiling with some Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating, or Spot UV finishing options. Also, you can use solids, stripes, herringbone, and dots, which are a host of choices. Utilize them in other images or use them alone.  

Fun can make a huge impact depending on what you’re selling. Anyone can feel like a child again with a nice warm plate of cookies. It’s fun to look at the cookie boxes of a bakery called Thelma’s, a local bakery in the US. They chose a distinctive oven box instead of the standard pastry box in pink to package their cookies.

Let your audience sneak a peek with some humor.

There is a little hassle with humor since every person finds humor uniquely. It is not what it looks like; it is when it works. Don’t forget to keep in mind your target market. No one should be hurt by what you say. Moreover, your customers can see the inside of your product, which allows them to feel it sometimes. When you buy food items, cutout windows help to allow you to view what you are buying. You will find a mess when you open the cookies, so it isn’t worth paying for costly cookies. Also, a cutout can also be a good option if your product is colorful or textured.

When you are dealing with a vibrant or texture-rich product, you can also make use of cutouts. There are a lot of candle packaging ideas for which die-cut window boxes are an ideal option. You can use cutout window boxes for almost every type of product like soaps, candles, bakery items, gadgets, cosmetics, and much more. A store shelf could look striking with all of the colorful displays peeking out.

Limit the color palette you use and use something pretty as a seal

Make your boxes unique by using just a few colors. You can play with different hues of the same color for a more subtle and elegant look. Custom boxes are a popular trend seen everywhere in the home, from walls and cakes all the way to color for hair. The term ombre refers to the blending of hues, from one color to another, from light to dark. For example, Glossybox delivers beauty boxes monthly. Depending on the season, online retailers redesign their boxes. Different shades of pink are expertly blended to form a pleasing design in their current holiday box. 

Tape with a colorful or branded design is another low-cost package box style option. You can use packaging tape for brand visibility, safety advice, theft prevention, marketing, or brand exposure. The good thing about packaging tape is that there are small quantities that are available at the same time. It is a low-risk, cheap option that is available for use by any company to benefit from it. 

Try out different fonts and add a packaging sleeve.

A packaging sleeve can be a cheaper way for a company to package goods instead of relying on a box. There are many soap bars and socks that have these sleeves on them. A company may use this element when designing a custom box as a whole. 

It doesn’t take much to elevate your custom box design by using an attractive font. Whether you want something formally elegant, classy, or funky, you can do it your way. Don’t forget to make it as unique and enticing as possible. A good font is the best choice for your large or even Small Business Packaging Ideas to build your brand reputation. 

Create a sensation with texture

Put texture to use physically instead of just visually. You will have people in physical contact with the package. Rather than focus on their sight alone, appeal to how they feel through touch. For example, some brands use texture beneath the bottleneck in the case of insect repellent. The grip is not only firm but gives your hands an extra feel as well. 

Design your box using these creative ideas and bring it to life

Never ignore the importance of custom packaging. Marketing could not be more effective without boxes and other packaging materials. In addition to the tactics listed above, creative box designs increase your user base by holding onto the ones you already have. 

 A box design element does not always have to be unique. Your design can include several. Keeping it tidy is the key. It might take more than one try to find the right fit. Your marketing materials should convey your message. Budget is not a factor in design when it comes to quality. Depending on how simple it is, it could be just a sticker. If you want a high-quality box, you can emboss it with your favorite colors. The key to having a successful box for your product is to ensure that your customers and company get something out of it.

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