In the packaging process, a custom dieline template plays an important role; without it, the packaging would be incomplete. It enables packaging to be designed to fit products perfectly, reducing waste and improving efficiency. 

A dieline can create different results with the same design on it, plus you can see how it will look after printing. Furthermore, it can be customized to meet the needs of your client or your own packaging needs.

There are many packaging dieline templates to choose from, but we’ve selected just three box templates that are mainly used in packaging.

Below are dieline templates you can download and edit directly in Adobe Illustrator. 

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Mailer Box Dieline

Provide a memorable unboxing experience and perfect e-commerce packaging with secure shipping for ecommerce business.

Folding Carton Dieline

Folding cartons are a perfect way of storing goods and getting them on shelves. They are best known to hold light-weight items.

Shipping Box Dieline

A perfect solution for shipping both light-weight and heavy-weight items globally, as well as enhancing the shelf life of your product.

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