The Box Printers


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Order & Production

Is there a minimum order quantity for boxes?

No, there is no minimum order limit. However, you will save more per box if you order more boxes.  

How long does production take?

Usually, it takes 7 to 10 business days for production to be completed and dispatched.  

Do you offer samples or digital proofs before starting production?

Yes, you can request a physical sample (charges apply) or a digital print proof (on email) before finalizing the order. 

Why do colors appear differently on screen than in print?

Screen colors are created by light, not ink, while printing colors are created by mixing ink. The quality of the material also affects the outcome.

Can I order more than 2,000 boxes?

Yes, you can even order more than that. Whether a small project or a large one, we can help with anything you need.

Can I choose a box style not listed on your website?

Yes, it is your choice what style of box you would like. Feel free to contact us if you have a specific need; you can reach our experts anytime.

Design and Artwork

Will you accept my own design and artwork? 

Yes, you can share your own design and artwork. Our expert designers will assist you if you have any questions about the format or resolution requirements.

Will you provide the Dieline?

Yes, you will receive your dieline template after placing your order.

What format should I use for my artwork?

Please send us the dieline file that can be edited in Adobe Illustrator (PDF or AI). Keeping the dieline as a separate layer in your AI file will ensure your artwork file is production-ready.

What are RGB, CMYK, and Pantone?

The RGB color values combined with three light beams create the colors displayed on computer screens. CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key) is a process color created by mixing inks. Your desired shade is created by using four primary inks in the CMYK color system. Pantone color is a premixed color that is more accurate when printing and consistent.

Does kraft paper look good with color printing?

We recommend using black ink for printing on kraft paper to achieve satisfactory results because color printing looks dull on it. 

Price & Quotation

Can I decrease the price per unit? 

If you increase the quantity of your boxes, you can get custom boxes at wholesale prices.

Are there any charges for plates or dies?

There are no charges for plates or dies. Also, we don’t charge any hidden fees.

Does it cost more to print inside of the box?

Yes, the cost may increase by 25-50%, depending on the packaging type. You can also print only on one side if your budget is concerned.

Does Pantone printing cost more?

CMYK printing is our standard method of quoting prices. Please let us know which Pantone colors you want to use, and we will assist you.

Which currency do you accept?

We only accept USD, CAD, and GBP.

Do I have the option of canceling my order anytime?

Once you have placed your order, you can cancel it within 5 hours of placing it.

Material & Printing

What are the differences between whiteboard and Kraft? 

Whiteboard is an excellent choice for printing vibrant colors due to its matte white surface on both sides, but kraft has a brown shade on both sides, which may cause subdued colors. The Kraft board provides an organic and eco-friendly appearance for your packaging.

Can I print my box from the inside?

You can print anywhere on the box, including inside or outside, front or back, and top or bottom.

Do you use recycled materials?

50% of our boards are made of recycled materials and are also recyclable!

What does the word “Flute” mean in terms of packaging?

The flutes are attached to paperboard to form corrugated boards. It helps your packaging withstand crushes because the fluting provides rigidity.

Which type of corrugated boxes do you use? 

Our inventory consists exclusively of single-wall corrugated boxes. You can, however, contact us if you require double-wall corrugated boxes. We will try our best to meet your needs!

What type of printing do you use?

Most production orders are printed with a mix of digital and offset printing (typically lithographic). You can contact us for further discussion and coordination if you have a specific requirement or preference.

What is offset printing?

An offset printer transfers an inked image from a plate to a rubber blanket before transferring it to a substrate, typically paper, after which the image is smoothed out on the surface. As a result of this printing technique, large quantities of prints are produced in an incredibly vibrant, sharp, and precise manner.

What is digital printing?

For small-scale printing projects, digital printing is most commonly used. Digital printers rely on toners and cartridges rather than plates, similar to home printers. A digital printer can only print CMYK colors and cannot print Pantone colors. 

Finishes & Add-ons

What is foil stamping?

In foil stamping, also known as hot stamping, heat, and pressure are combined to add a foil layer to your material.

What is embossing?

The embossing process produces a raised image on paper. A metal die is pressed from beneath the paper into a substrate/paper to raise the logo or text slightly. 

What is debossing?

Debossing involves depressing an image on paper. Debossing leaves a slight indentation in the substrate or paper due to the push of a metal die from above.

What is Spot UV?

The technique of Spot UV printing, also called Spot Ultra Violet, adds a glossy and raised coating to specific areas of a print. 

What is a soft touch?

A soft touch finish adds a velvety feel to your printed artwork, making your packaging look velvety. It has a soft touch because it is a varnish or laminate. For soft-touch finishes, there are additional charges.

What is aqueous varnish?

Aqueous varnishes or coatings protect printed materials with a fast-drying, water-based coating.


What is the shipping time? 

Once the production is complete, your order will be delivered within 3 to 4 business days.

In which countries do you ship?

We ship worldwide.

What is the delivery process for my packaging?

All orders will be packed in individual shipping cartons and shipped to your address.

Do you offer blind shipping?

In blind shipping, our company name will not be disclosed to the recipient. It is upon your request. (T&C apply)

Can I combine shipping for my orders?

Combining orders and shipping them together can help you save on shipping costs, and we can do that if possible.