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5 Inventive Food Packaging Ideas 2023


If you are running the food industry, you know the importance of food packaging. Quality food comes in high-quality packaging. You will be surprised to know the market size of the packaging industry as it is forecast to grow with a CAGR of 5.1%, from $338.34 billion in 2021 to $478.18 billion in 2028.

So considering this big competition to make your packaging distinctive from the rest of the market to compete. Therefore, here we have listed some packaging ideas that will help you, from selecting materials to giving the final touch by customizing it and creating an inventive piece of packaging. 

Innovative Ideas for Food Packaging

As you know, the food market is a tough competitive place where you need innovative ideas to prove yourself. So to do that, you make your packaging so creative that it will leave a first impression on your customers. Here we are going to discuss five creative ideas for food custom packing. 

1. Choose Food Grade Material

It is first and foremost important to consider the box material, especially if you are packing food items. Your packaging materials should always be safe for food contact and should not affect the food’s taste, odor, or appearance. 

Using food-safe material is one of the best options. This material is safe for human consumption and direct contact with food items. It is non-toxic, durable, and resistant to moisture, grease, and oil. High-quality food-grade materials like:

  • Cardboard
  • Kraft paper
  • Corrugated 

2. Use a Bold and Bright colors scheme

The second important thing is to select a suitable color for your packaging. When deciding on a color, you have to consider the customer’s perception, color’s influence, and different culturing priorities. 

  • Using bright colors can help your custom packing captivate the shelves and attract attention. 
  • Bold and eye-catching colors will differentiate different flavors or product ranges. 
  • Furthermore, they reflect the brand image and create a consistent look and feel across different products.

3. Choose Food Grade ink in Printing

The ink you are using for printing on the food boxes should be non-toxic and safe for food contact. Food-safe inks are a suitable option for printing. These inks are safe dyes that don’t contaminate if they penetrate into the food. 

  • Food grade does not penetrate the food. 
  • Save food Inks are specifically designed to be hygienic. 
  • These inks have perfect viscosity, fast dying time, and good smear resistance 
  • Contain no harmful chemicals, metals, or toxins.

Choosing the right ink is the most important thing you can do to ensure your packaging is safe and meets all the rules.

4. Try unique shapes and styles

Different shapes and styles of food custom boxes can make your food products more attractive and appealing in the market. From rectangular boxes to stand-up pouches, there are many options to choose from. Unique shapes can help your products become distinctive, be easily recognizable on shelves, and raise brand awareness. 

A die-cut window is an excellent way to make unique styles, showcase your food products, and give consumers a clear view of what’s inside. This type of packaging allows consumers to see the quality of the food, which can increase their confidence and willingness to buy. Also highlight specific features of your products, such as their size or shape. Other unique styles and shapes are as

  • Hexagonal 
  • Square 
  • Rectangular 
  • Triangular 

5. Customize your packaging

Customizing your boxes can help create a unique and recognizable brand image. This can be done by using creative custom shapes and sizes, custom printing, and specific materials or finished touches. Customizing your food packing can also include the following:

  • Tell your brand story 
  • Add customized logo 
  • Attach product details 
  • Use inserts in the box 
  • Decorate it with finishing and add-ons 

It will make your products differ from competitors and help customers remember them.

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