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Hair extension boxes are a premier way to sell your hair items? Your hunt more than as you go to the appropriate spot. Our team offers awesome high-quality hair extension packaging. Our experts make it viable to deliver much more attraction, concept, as well as design. These would also help your highly sensitive items safe and sound from the external impacts. Our professionals will aid you in every action to obtain the superior outcomes you think about. Sound cardboard boxes are used for that purpose. We moreover offer a safe and secure method to feature your products for display. For that purpose, we have a vast range of box styles and designs.

Our die-cut window boxes are suitable for displaying your hair extension products. Your target market can easily find what is within without opening it. Our experts enable lightweight radiance to display your thing for advertising functions. These individualized containers portray a miraculous strategy to feature your products. Indeed, not only is it elegantly distinguishing but these personalized containers also look magnificent on the racks. In short, our product packaging will make your items stand out in the crowd of similarly displayed items.

Product Specifications

Group 426
Available in all shapes and sizes
Group 428
14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S C2S
Group 430
Finishing options:
Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV
Group 432
Add on choices:
Die cut window, gold foiling/silver foiling

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Win New Customers with Outclass Hair Extension Packaging

Nowadays it is not easy to win new customers. However, with our hair extension packaging boxes, you can do it easily. Finding the proper size of a box you value may be complicated. You mean to find out one thing distinctive while still being cost-effective.

Boxes ideally designed for hair extension items are the most ideal tip hereof. Your packaging solution indicates a great deal to our company! Our experts provide a high-quality variety of concepts in addition to items. This option will certainly produce your custom hair extension boxes a little bit much less intricate.

Each of our team member intends your hairline products to appear at their best. Therefore, our containers along with die-cut window designs create a breathtaking impact on your brand. These Cosmetic Boxes are available in a vast choice of shapes and sizes to suit any kind of form of item that you produce.

Affordable yet Robust and Sturdy Hair Extension Boxes

No box or packaging solution is good without sturdiness. If it cannot keep the item safe then it will be of no use to you. The same stands true for hair extension boxes. As we know that these items are highly sensitive and delicate. So these must be secure from various external factors.

At The Box Printers, we ensure that none of our extensions or lip balm boxes for hair pass the above-mentioned rule. All our products are produced from top-notch supplies that would give you a resilient end product. Our quality assurance department also makes sure that all the packs delivered to your doorstep are up to the mark.

Highly Innovative Hair Extension Packaging Boxes

Innovation and embellishments go hand in hand for hair extension packaging cream boxes and other such products. These are for sure meant to create a great aesthetic impact on the target audience. If the box is not interactive it will not be possible. Here is how we do it at TBP.

Our experts produce specialist-looking hair extension packing’s that would offer your things a rejuvenating look. A colorful box with add-ons is a terrific concept. It offers the audience a different kind of look. Our team possesses an extensive range of conventional themes and also concepts for custom hair extension boxes.

Merely update our team regarding the dimension as well as the attribute of your item and our experts will formulate a box according to your specific business needs and requirements. Our professional staff deals with each job as a specific one.

We have aqua finishing as the most affordable solution in this regard. You can also try UV, gold, silver, or any sort of foiling that you think will make your hair extension boxes so special. Your logo can also be printed with deboss or emboss characteristic.

Save Your Budget with Hair Extension Boxes Wholesale

It is an aged strategy that whenever you want to save some budget opt for the wholesale category. We offer hair extension boxes wholesale to conserve not only your cash but also the precious time that you might waste looking for the best solution. Our experts completely transform regular item packing into a cost-efficient one when you order in bulk.

Our cartons and also various packaging plans are available in all shapes and sizes. All you have to do is choose the templates of your choice and it will make our job more than easy. You can easily also buy any kind of distinct design as well as the layout of your liking for cream boxes.

Best Item Promo with Hair Extension Box Packaging

If you are launching a whole new range of items for hair extension, there is no need to fret about the advertisement. At the box printers, We would do it with our next-level printing and packaging. All you have to do is share your company agenda and leave the rest to us.

It certainly not just conserves your priceless opportunity yet likewise the attempt to revamp a package. Allow us to show details about the technicalities involved. Our Custom hair extension containers are an excellent strategy to display your things.

Our custom-made item packing enables you to produce a fantastic imprint on your potential customers. For that, we have numerous ideas that would boost your newly introduced brand. Our experts create these packages for mostly all kinds of supplies, especially cardboard. our lip gloss boxes are a good example of it.

The technique is responsible for the only thing that is the premium customization of our style team. It is virtually tough to require an individual to obtain your thing at the initial effect.

Why Choose Personalized Boxes by US

A little bit of it is left behind after the above conversation however we understand that many individuals could certainly not possess the opportunity to go through all the above particulars. Because of that, our team is decorating you along with a look of all our one-upmanship over our opponents.

Listed below is just how TBP is among the very best selection for your hair extension packages as well as various other forms of packing options.

Swift Delivery along with Free Door Shipment

As most of us recognize that the cost of freight is rising along with every new business opportunity. It can easily disrupt the continuous spending plan of any sort of product packaging organization. That is not as easy as it sounds, yet we do it for you with a free-of-charge delivery.

Free Designs, Mockups, and Layouts

The 2nd very most expensive portion of the packing project is the design concept. As is noticeable, for every job you will certainly choose a consultant or even an internal developer. Each of these alternatives is rather costly and also time taking.

Round the Clock Service and Support

We also pursue each of your demands so that it gets fulfilled without a waste of time. For that purpose, we have a highly efficient team of customer support representatives and experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any minimum order policy?

No, we do not have any such policy, you can place an order as low as you like.

How much do you charge for design and die making etc.?

We do not charge you any extra amount for that purpose. All our designs and die-making facilities are free of cost and a part of your printing and packaging bundle.

Do you support a double-sided print facility?

Yes, if it is mentioned in your order we would for sure furnish you with a double-sided print. You can also opt for any other innovation that you think will enhance your product packaging.


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