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Best Packaging companies in South Africa

packaging companies in South Africa

How do you identify the top Packaging companies in South Africa? Whatever the product, the package has a crucial role in raising the product’s value. Food, retail, electronics, and cosmetic products all require packaging for a variety of purposes. When you look at it closely, packaged goods are a part of everything we do every day. The packaging of every product, no matter how small or large, can easily be identified by its look. The packaging of a retailer’s product can be useful for more than just marketing purposes, such as promoting the product or keeping it safe. Regardless of what product a company produces, its packaging is integral to its success.

When product packaging is made and colored well, it can attract clients and make it more inviting to them from the first view. Choosing the right package will help you sell more products by adding value to the client. If your product sells well, you can give your clients an enjoyable buying experience. There is no doubt that packaging can have a positive impact on your firm if used properly. It is crucial that you create a product that is unique and that it appears unique so that you can stand out from your rivals. The packaging of products plays a much greater role than just making them look good. Also, relevant facts must be included in the box so that clients can engage with it. It is best to highlight a brand’s unique and useful features in order to make it seem better than others.

5 Best Packaging Companies in South Africa

Nowadays, the packaging does not serve to cover products or make them easier for clients to carry. Many brands use it now to raise their profile and compete in market segments that are highly competitive. Unseen influences can affect your buying options in ways you may not realize, such as packaging. A food’s enticing packaging, for example, may have piqued your curiosity, leading you to try it. The product may not meet your needs in the future or may be of low quality, so you may not buy that item again.

Most packaging companies are taking steps to improve their packaging and boost profits, realizing it is vital to the success of their business. The following firms can help you grow your brand if you are unsure how they can benefit you and what they can do to your image.

Future Packaging & Machinery

A South African industrial packaging supplier, Future Packaging was founded in 1997. Their success is due to their product knowledge, top quality, and low prices, which have resulted from decades of skill and knowledge in the packaging industry.

Their ability to maintain high quality while offering low-cost products has allowed them to become one of the most reliable suppliers of industrial packaging. However, this does not imply that they can only serve larger clients or cater only to their needs. Clients range from walk-ins to global clients, depending on the size of the service.

There are a number of clients they serve, including cell phone companies, transport firms, drug companies, cosmetics, trade chains, and the mining industry.

Rusmar Packaging (Pty) Ltd

As a leading manufacturer and distributor of corrugated packaging and related products, Rusmar Packaging (Pty) Ltd came into being in 1991. In addition to this, they make a huge variety of corrugated items. Each product is customized to meet the specific needs of the client. Effortless and reliable service has always been their hallmark. The highest levels of quality materials go into the making of this product. A range of industry leaders chooses them first when they need packaging solutions.

As a result, they are able to provide reliable, low-cost solutions to clients within South Africa as well as all over the world. They have expertise in the field and a network of service centers. Corrugated paper packaging is just one of the many services they offer, extending beyond good packaging and cleaning into a full range of safety and cleaning options.


These days, packaging has a vital role to play in ensuring food safety and hygiene. A circular way of packaging is a priority for them. Everything they do relies on green practices. As a global company with a growing system of sales and product lines, they can provide support for their clients’ growth all over the world. Their business falls into three segments based on their mastery of three specific methods. Their packaging solutions enable well-being and ease for people all over the world, making life easier and more pleasant.

The company makes flexible packaging materials that are slim and light, as well as materials that are flexible. Also, they provide packaging for food, pet food, coffee packaging, freezer bags, heat seal bags, and pharma packaging. Europe, Asia, Oceania, and South America have them, as well as global and local brands.

Constantia Flexibles Afripack

A global flexible packaging supplier, Constantia Flexibles has long been a regional supplier in Europe. Its efficient facility, expertise in technology, and close ties with clients have earned it a leading position. 

Among the top makers of flexible packaging in the world, Constantia Flexibles has a global presence. According to People Passion Packaging, the company manufactures custom boxes worldwide with 8,550 employees. Many international and local companies choose the sustainable and innovative products of Constantia Flexibles, the food products, personal care, and pharma industries.

Berry Astrapak MARCOM

In light of their vision, they strive to make plastic packaging products that satisfy the needs of both high and low-level clients in an eco-friendly and fair way. As a plastic packaging supplier, they aim to be a leading supplier in the market in which they specialize. Their vision and mission lie in having a world-class product capability and being the preferred supplier to their clients. Hence, they will have to rank at the top of international packaging companies in South Africa.

It would be impossible to achieve either of these goals unless green energy fits into the core strategy of the Group. In order to achieve this, they must adopt world-class principles across various disciplines to develop and empower their people. Based on the values of Berry Astrapak MARCOM, they strive to never stop protecting their values in everything they do. Their daily work relies on it. In addition to improving the products they offer, they are always working to make their communities better.

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