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Custom Printed Packaging Inserts

Custom inserts add an elegant and premium feel to your packaging and product while unboxing. With these packaging inserts (also known as packaging inlays), your products will remain secure inside the box. Our custom-printed box inserts can be designed for packaging of all shapes, sizes, and fragilities.     

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Custom Box Inserts Tailored to Your Products 

Our corrugated custom packaging inserts are recyclable and designed to fit the layout of your items. We use the latest die-cutting techniques and fine surface finishes. Thousands of brands include our custom packaging inserts as a necessary component of their boxes to reduce waste (like bubble wrap) and enhance protection. Whether your product requires foam or corrugated inserts, we can assist you. 

Corrugated Inserts

Corrugated inserts are more eco-friendly, attractive, and conducive to preserving and protecting various products. 

Foam Inserts

Custom foam inserts provide optimum protection for your products. These solutions are perfect for various applications and come with polyurethane foam, polyethylene foam, and anti-static foams.

You can fully customize each box insert with your branding, which is even better! 

Common Inserts Structures

To secure each product, the inserts must be structured according to product size, weight, and position. Below are examples of some of the most common insert structures. 

Box Insert (No Backing)

Suitable for products that can sit directly at the bottom of the box without needing to be elevated. Made for products of the same size.  

Box Insert (With Backing)

Suitable for products of similar sizes that need to be elevated to fit securely. Prevent the products from falling through the inserts.

Box Insert (Multiple Backings)

Suitable for products of different sizes that need to be elevated to fit securely. The backings are designed according to the product size to prevent them from falling through the inserts. 

Inserts Designs