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The Quick Guide to Rigid Setup Boxes

Rigid Setup Boxes

Among the many available packaging types, rigid boxes, referred to as setup boxes, are the most commonly used. Often, they refer to luxury goods and share ties with them. There is a fourfold difference between a box that is rigid and a typical folding carton. Direct printing rarely takes place on them. Paper is instead used to wrap them, and there is no limit to how fancy or plain the wrapping can be.

It is evident from the name that rigid boxes are both solid and rigid. I am sure that you are familiar with the classic shoe box. Almost all shoes and heels purchased in a store come in a box that is rigid as part of their packaging. As well as board games, you can find a lot of examples of boxes that are rigid in use. It is common to find these custom boxes for high-end electronic devices such as iPhones and iPads. Some of the most popular products in this category are beauty and high-end food items.

Rigid Setup Boxes: How Do They Work?

Machines or hand labour carry out most of the processes, varying from one to another, from one manufacturer to another. Boards called chipboard, greyboard, or plain board are the building blocks of boxes that are rigid. As an option, coloured chipboard is also available, which gives the box an inside colour similar to a newspaper. As a result, chipboards are cut to the correct size and shape with the help of cutting and scoring dies.

Scores are cut along the sides rather than cutting them to the core. For the box form to finish, the sides of the box fold up at the score lines. Following the securing of the sides, a quad stayer machine did its job of applying the tape. As a final step, the wrap covers the box and is cut to fit. The glue binds the box and wraps it together, which will take care of attaching the box to the wrap. A wrap can take the form of paper or fabric in a wide range of colours, patterns, and textures, in high gloss or matte finishes, embossed, foil stamped, and flocked (for sparkles). 

It is also possible to wrap the wraps around the box firmly or loosely. Boxes that are handmade used to have loose wrapping around the edges. Now that boxes roll tightly, this is the norm. Although it is still possible to pack rigid setup boxes with loose wrap, there is still the option for people to choose this option. Thus, it gives the box a more luxurious and expensive air since it gives the sense that it was handmade.

A Quick Overview of Rigid Box Styles

Boxes that are rigid consist of two main parts – lids and bases (or tops and bottoms). There are a variety of shapes and sizes available for these boxes, such as squares, rectangles, circulars, triangular, and V-shapes. In the packaging industry, rigid box styles differ, and lid types often describe them.

Packaging boxes come in all sorts of variations and hybrid forms, as with everything in the industry. It is a situation in which a brand name has the potential to be unified with another’s.

Telescope Lids

It is possible to define telescope lids as full telescopes or partial telescopes, depending on how much of the base covers the base by the lid.

Full Telescope

There is a type of lid known as a Full Telescope lid, which is found on sweet boxes and chocolate boxes and fully covers the bottom of that box. In this case, the box comes with thumb cuts so that it opens more easily.

o   Example

Tray and Sleeve, Slipcase, Shell and Slide or Tray with Sleeve is an example of a full telescope style because the lid completely covers the base.

Partial Telescope

This rigid setup box is indeed what it sounds like: a partial telescope, also known as a partial cover box. Only a portion of the base covers the lid.

o   Example

Neck Boxes, Shouldered Boxes, and Shoulder Boxes are types of partial telescope boxes. An upper tray protrudes above the top of the base, around which a tray fits inside the base. The protrusion from the base makes up the neck, while the edge at the upper end makes up the shoulder. When creating a neck, it attaches to the lid’s interior instead of attaching the tray to the box base. As a result, nothing changes about the way the box functions.

Some necks are made too long, such that they protrude far beyond the lip so as to leave the lid and the base with a gap in the middle of them. The primary reason for doing this is that it is more visually pleasing. Classic Shoeboxes have lids with a lip that is 1 inch deep, similar to the One-Inch Lip mentioned earlier. The box that is rigid style has nothing to do with its name. It’s not just shoes that fit in the classic shoebox style.

Hinged Lids

There are two types of lids for boxes that are rigid: ones that remain in place or ones that are released with gravity, either by magnets or ribbons, at an extra cost. Frequent-use products can benefit from these boxes for storing them between uses so their packaging will stay intact.

The hinged lid box comes in many different styles. A few popular styles are listed below.

Cigar Box or Flip Top

There is nothing better than elegant and flexible custom rigid setup boxes in the form of a flip top or cigar box. High-end cigars have always used it, but it has many other uses.

A box with a Book Style design

This box resembles a closed hardcover book, similar to the Cigar Box or Flip Top. Luxury food, clothing, beauty products, consumer electronics, and even clothes come in this style.

Clamshell Style

There are a variety of packaging types that use the Clamshell Style, and it does not apply only to boxes that are rigid. In addition to foldable cartons, thermoform packs, and blister packs, a corrugated box is also a type of packaging that uses this technique.

There are so many variations in the boxes that are rigid that it would be nearly impossible to list them all. Also, a wide array of optional extras are possible, such as compartments, platforms, closures with magnets, windows, ribbons, handles, and more. It would be best if you now had a sense of the main styles that exist in the above examples.

Luxury is not the only benefit of sturdy box packaging. As an alternative to folding cartons, it can offer protection, durability, and flexibility during shipping and in retail stores that are often rough. Further, custom rigid setup boxes will allow your clients to store and use their products in their homes, where repeated use can be an asset.

Setting up boxes that are rigid has many advantages 

There are many benefits to using rigid setup boxes, some of which appear below:

Superior design and materials

As a result of its durable, sturdy construction, laminated boxes are a popular packaging choice. These consist of layers of sheets of paper and chipboard frames sandwiched between each other.

Since it increases the rigidity of the box compared to a typical cardboard box, it’s more robust and durable. Unlike most other shipping options, they have a long life span and can withstand plenty of wear and tear without crumbling. A regular box consists of thin paperboard, which is light and thin. The material is not as sturdy as it cannot endure pressure, wear, scratches, and wear and tear. The product store that needs careful handling can benefit from it!

Ensures the safety of items

In addition to enhancing security and quality, boxes that are rigid provide much better protection for product packaging. It is difficult to break rigid setup box, and they protect delicate items. For packing and storing, buyers can keep sturdy box packaging. Due to this, since more boxes can fit into each shipment, fewer boxes need to go with each order. Its durability will result in a lower shipping cost on an individual basis.

Packing peanuts aren’t essential

Packaging peanuts involves traditional boxes, and this can become difficult and costly. As a result, shipping damage will not fully cover your order! Providing a haven for items to move freely is the benefit of rigid packaging, which reduces the need for these things.

Improves Brand Loyalty and Product Quality

Your products look great in custom rigid setup boxes. It is also possible to build brand loyalty through them. You can easily identify the seller by looking at the box and seeing their logo and name. Your box will stand out more with a rigid and laminated box. Its unattractive look and durability have made people curious about the raw material.

A green product

No harmful chemicals go into the making of rigid cardboard setup boxes. Also, there is no need to use glue or staples because the cardboard is 100% recyclable.

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