Vape Cartridge Boxes

The way to your customer’s hearts is through their eyes. Package your cartridges in premium vape cartridge boxes to differentiate yourself from the competition.

We offer various box styles in different sizes, shapes, and aesthetics. These boxes are made from high-quality premium materials that give your product the safety precautions it needs.

These sleek and compact boxes are tailored to fit your vape cartridges securely, ensuring their safety during transportation and storage. 

With customizable options, you can add your branding and product information, creating a unique and eye-catching design that grabs attention on store shelves. 

Our vape cartridge boxes offer convenience, durability, and style, making them an essential choice for vape manufacturers and retailers alike.

Product Specifications
DimensionsAll Sizes & Shapes
Stock14pt, 16pt, 18pt, 24pt
MaterialClassic White, Premium White, Brown Kraft 
Color MatchingCMYK, Pantone
Printing OptionsInside, Outside, Both
MOQNo Minimum Order
Sample3D Mockup, Physical
Production8 to 10 Business Days
Shipping2 to 3 Business Days
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Get Your Own Custom Vape Cartridge Boxes

When packaging vape cartridges, you need to handle them with care. This is where custom vape cartridge boxes come in.

At TBP, we craft these boxes as per the product’s requirements. Customizing these boxes will allow you to have a unique and eye-appealing factor in the market, which can result in more sales and exposure for your brand.

Moreover, we can assist you with these boxes in various sizes, shapes, and styles, so you can rest assured to stand out in the market.

Premium Packaging Materials for Vape Cartridge Packaging

To create perfect packaging solutions for your cartridges, you would need to invest in the right type of packaging materials. Here are the different types of material that go well with custom vape cartridge packaging.


  • Fully Customizable
  • Durable & Sustainable
  • Perfect for providing a premium look
  • Comes with custom insert(s)
  • Supports full-color printing

Kraft Paper

  • Biodegradable & Provide Earthy Texture
  • Goes well with black & white printing
  • Fully Customizable
  • Durable and Perfect For Retail Purposes

Elevate Your Cartridge Presentation with Custom Vape Cartridge Boxes

It’s one thing to package your products in ordinary packaging but to package them in style; you need to customize them. These boxes come in various styles, so you can package your carts in style by selecting the right packaging style. 

At TBP, we offer various box styles, but here are some of the most popular packaging styles of vape cartridges.

  1. Two Piece 
  2. Tray & Sleeve
  3. Tuck End
  4. 5 Panel Hanger
  5. Auto Lock Bottom

Add Embellishments To Cartridge Packaging for Premium Look

Enhance the appeal of vape cartridge packaging with these premium embellishments:

Spot UV – Apply a high-gloss, raised varnish selectively on specific design elements to create striking contrasts and visual depth.

Embossing & Debossing – Elevate your packaging with raised (embossing) or recessed (debossing) textures, adding a tactile experience and highlighting key details.

Hot Foil Stamping – Achieve a luxurious and metallic effect by using heat to transfer foil onto the packaging, enhancing logos or intricate patterns.

Matte – Opt for a non-reflective, smoother surface that exudes elegance, providing a sophisticated and modern aesthetic.

Gloss – Choose a high-shine coating to make colors pop, capturing attention and exuding a sleek, polished appearance.

Soft Touch – Enhance the tactile experience with a velvety, smooth surface that invites touch, adding a sense of luxury and refinement.

By incorporating these embellishments, your custom vape cartridge boxes will captivate consumers with its premium look and feel, elevating your brand’s image and product presentation.

Easy Order Process for Cartridge Boxes with TBP

With over a decade of experience in manufacturing custom-printed vape cartridge boxes for your products, we have a hassle-free process to manufacture your packaging. 

Here’s what our packaging process involves that can help you to create your own box.

  • Measure your product (these boxes typically measure by L X W X D)
  • Choose your box style & create artwork or ask for assistance.
  • Request an instant quote.
  • Place your order.

Once your order is placed with us, we go through all the requirements again to make sure to manufacture the packaging you desire.

Get in touch with us to start your wholesale vape cartridge boxes project today.