What are Corrugated Boxes?

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The corrugated boxes are made of three layers of paper. The outer two layers are flat and are made of cardboard, and the inner layer has ripples referred to as flutes.

The three layers are held together with an adhesive glue that helps add more strength to the material. 

These custom boxes are solid and hence are efficient for transporting products from one place to another. The most common use of corrugated boxes is in the form of mailer boxes

These are environment-friendly and do not add any carbon waste to the planet. People often confuse them with cardboard that is made from heavy paper pulp, but they’re not.

Let’s see how corrugated materials are made.

Corrugation is a process that helps in making the desired corrugated material, and below are the instructions for the process.

Required Material: This process requires two flat sheets of paper called a liner or cardboard. Between the two layers of a liner, there is fluted paper, also known as E-Flute & B-Flute.

Process of Corrugation: The outer and inner liner is attached with the fluted paper inside. Heat and adhesive glue are the prime sources for holding these three layers together. 

In the first step, the paper is fed into a machine named a single facer, where heat is supplied. 

The second step includes applying an adhesive between the three layers, which adds to the strength of the corrugated material. The result is a corrugated board with three layers adding rigidity.

Why do we use corrugated boxes?

Corrugated boxes have numerous uses in daily life due to their strength. They are used for making e-commerce packaging that helps securely ship products from one place to another and to provide a memorable unboxing experience.

Moreover, if you’re running a business and want to promote your upcoming products, then using subscription boxes are what you need. These boxes can help you to convey a marketing message that will increase the integrity of your brand.

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