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What Are Mailer Boxes Made Of?

What are Mailer Boxes Made of

There are many types of packaging materials that are available on the market. The mailer boxes are just one type of packaging and storage. It comes in a paperboard package, and you can design it any way you want. People often confuse mailer boxes vs shipping boxes. However, these boxes are an efficient way of transiting items from one place to another. Also, they are vital for making deliveries to clients. Being a firm owner, you can pick from many packing and courier means. However, if you pick such boxes, it will offer you a great deal. As a result, the items will reach their place safely but will also boost the name of your brand for quality. In case you’re unsure about its abilities, no worries. You’re in good hands with us. Here are some of the benefits of mailer boxes that they offer.

Different Materials for the Production of Custom Mailers

Custom boxes do not come in just one type of material. There are many types that go into the making of these boxes. So, each of these materials will end up in a variety of boxes. The production process uses some of these most often.

Cardboard Is Popular

It has come to light that the most common way of making these boxes is to use cardboard. All kinds of firms use these boxes. Corrugated material is used to make it, also known as a flute. Also, each box has three layers after it gets ready. As a result, it acts as the most secure box for packaging. The basic material that makes up the base of these boxes is paper. Corrugators are large machines that work to make mailers. Fun fact, this process produces recyclable boxes due to the fact that pulp fiber is their primary source.

Depending on your needs, custom cardboard boxes come in many sizes. They come in the form of bulk with quality and unique traits of their own. One of the reasons why their demand is high is because they produce cheaply. With the material being able to be recycled more than once, the final process cost is way lower than other methods. Also, they are tough and able to take care of the task at hand. So, make a wise decision by picking this material for your mailers. 

Another Option Is Paperboard

The other easy and useful means of making these boxes is to use paperboard. Paperboard is a paper-based material that has many uses. It undergoes a method that makes it pulp and whitens it. Rather than recycled or waste paper, the basis of this paper comes from wood. But that’s not always the case. The major benefit of paperboard mailers is that they are not heavy in weight. Contrary to cardboard ones, they are lighter. Therefore, their shipping costs are low as well. However, don’t let their light weight deceive you for their strength. 

Paperboard boxes are very sturdy and come in use like retail boxes. There are many grades in the paperboard mailers. Depending on the size and weight of the contents, they are selected. The fact that paperboard is reusable makes it a favorite of many brands. It is not even a threat to the planet. For the brands that plan to opt for green options, this is a good choice. In addition, a design with a touch of creativity is all you need. 

A Surprising Option Is a Plastic

What are mailer boxes, and what is the material that clients can use? This is the most common question. Contrary to popular belief, mailers often consist of plastic. Their material is obviously plastic. They go a long way because of the strength of plastic. Also, you can recycle plastic, so the method does not cost a lot. However, the cost is higher than paperboard and cardboard. The tight seal that it creates is also rare in other materials. So, you can use it when you are doing food storage. So, these are some materials that go through a process to make mailers. There are edges and drawbacks to every material.

As an example, plastic is very strong but costlier than others. Similarly, cardboard is light and cheap but not very strong. Apart from these, there is one more pick the client can go for. Rigid mailers are another common type. It often goes into the packing of smaller electronics. However, this is the only use it has. When picking a material for mailer boxes for shipping, take into note the item’s size, shape, and weight. As a result, it helps you get a full grasp of the material that can hold it the best.

Mailers Are Also Labeled, Stickered, and Printed

For a firm, kraft mailer boxes with no design are not a good thing to do. As a result, customers get a bad impression. You can take small steps to take your packaging up a notch. In addition, you can add your brand’s label, stylish stickers, and a creative design. Small details like these can make the buying trip of your clients a lot more enjoyable.

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