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What is a Mailer Box & How Does It benefit us?

In retail box packaging, boxes for mailing serve as both gift boxes and branding items. The assembly of them is simple and very useful in terms of keeping online orders safe and sound. These boxes hardly have been around for very long. However, their trend has become more popular due to the booming subscription box sector. The latter is present time is only a few years old, that is 2004. However, they are now a key part of the online marketplace. Also, according to McKinsey, there is about $12 billion to $15 billion in total market size for recurring online sales. Further, a Clutch survey shows that 54% of online shoppers use subscription boxes.

The subscription services for many of these items are in the mail and come in mailers. These boxes are very flexible as all kinds of items can fit in them. Everything from blades and makeup, to dog treats and video game gear, are available through these boxes. This box has enough space for all items to fit nicely and hang nicely. Also, these boxes do not require subscriptions. A variety of items can be sent through them, from books to jackets to computer keyboards. To put it another way, if you shop online, you are likely familiar with these boxes. As a result, there are a lot of boxes piling up in people’s homes. Let’s explore benefits of mailer box and how they stand out on the market.

The Power of These Boxes to Build a Brand

In the past, firms and their clients gave little regard to the boxes their items came in. Their only concern was for the item inside to reach safely and arrive in a good state. However, things have begun to change since then. A firm that doesn’t care what these boxes look like misses out on a potent and profitable sales method. There’s no doubt online shopping is easy, but clients often want more. The whole event must impress them, even the boxes in which the goods will arrive. These boxes have a lot of room for creativity.

Even if your firm is in its infancy, you can make your clients feel unique. Every type of store, from Etsy to brick-and-mortar, uses these boxes to ship their items and boost their brand name. You can design something with your brand in mind. Put to use your brand colors, logo, and slogan. Also, there is not much difference between mailer boxes vs shipping. They both are almost same.

Videos on Social Platforms Feature These Boxes

Today, social media is an integral part of brand marketing and video unboxing are an example of a plan that can boost your brand’s value. If you think people don’t watch others open boxes, you’re wrong. Just do a quick search on YouTube for unboxing videos and there are a lot of videos to choose from. There is a sense of oddly addictive about these videos. An unboxing video starts with what? That’s right, the box! Be careful not to skimp on the design of your mailer and let your first impact slip away.

Main Features of Mailers

In light of the value of branding for mailers, let’s look at the parts of them. As with all custom boxes, quality is vital. When looking for these boxes, you should look at the following.

Grading Of Paper

These boxes are used mainly to send mail, so durability is essential. This is why corrugated boxes exist. It’s vital to select the right material use for mailer boxes:

  • Kraft Corrugated Cardboard
  • Plain White Corrugated Cardboard
  • Clay-Coated Corrugated Cardboard
  • Corrugated cardboard boxes

Seals of These Boxes

They should all be easy to build and secured in some way. In contrast to a regular shipping box which has typical tape seals, mailer box for product shipping use tabs to lock. Some mailers have additional dust flaps in order to keep dust out. There are even boxes that have a tear strip to make them more secure. In the case of mailing a box, sealing it with tape or hot melt glue will prevent it from popping open. 

Mailer Printing

You want your custom mailers to make a good first look as soon as they reach your clients. So, the text and graphics should look clear and sharp. A blurry image is a no-no. The printing method you pick decides how good your graphics look. Several options are at hand out there. However, there are a few things to keep in mind such as costs, deadlines, the quality you need, and how the boxes will be used. These boxes are printed using two main color methods:

  • Pantone Matching System (PMS) 
  • (C) Cyan, (M) Magenta, (Y) Yellow, and (K) Black

The Finishing Of Mailers

In addition to being striking, a stunning print can also be the star of the show. However, if you would like to enhance your item packaging design, you may want to consider adding a coating or finishing maybe. If you use them, your box will have a sleek, upscale feel. 

  • Aqueous Finish
  • UV Coating

Keep Your Mailer Boxes Wholesale Green

E-commerce is growling without a doubt. However, online sales result in an overflowing landfill with tons of waste. This is a concern to clients and firms alike. There isn’t a day that goes by without dire news reports on climate change or other likely natural disasters. It’s true that clients want the newest and best but they also care about the world around them. According to a study, 74% of clients were ready to pay more for eco-friendly packaging, and one quarter would pay an extra 10%. 

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