What is Card Stock?

what is card stock

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Card Stock is a heavy-weight paper that is thicker and more durable than regular paper. It is often used for business cards, postcards, invitations, and to create custom packaging.

The extra thickness and durability of card stock make it well-suited for projects that require a high-quality finish. 

Additionally, the increased strength of card stock makes it ideal for creating packaging boxes and other projects that require a strong, durable material.

Types of Card Stock

Card Stock, sometimes also referred to as cardboard, varies in different types having different characteristics. The card stock type depends on what kind of packaging you want or what kind of product you want to store in them.

Bleach Cards

It’s best to start by considering the paper quality alternatives to get a sense of the variety of packaging material options at your disposal. Similarly, bleach cards come in many varieties, each with unique characteristics and benefits.

Many bleach cards are tear-resistant, durable, and resilient. In addition to providing good moisture resistance, the clay finish provides the surface with extra safety.

Art Card 

In some ways, an art card is similar to an art paper. However, the card is stiffer. Providing more durability and a chance to print your artwork on both sides of boxes.

Kraft card

Kraft cards are highly durable and feature a simple, elegant design and stiff structure. Your business can benefit significantly from Kraft cards. It enhances your brand organically and connects you with nature thanks to its green Kraft paper material.

Textured Card

You can convey 3-D feelings with a 2-D message. Creating depth in your project is easy with textured cardstock. Layers of different textures can create a sense of depth that is hard to achieve without them. 

One of the best features of textured Cardstock is the quality and customized feel you can impart. Using textured Cardstock can help you create something that is uniquely yours.


Boards made of bux are well-known for their hard surfaces, which are resistant and provide a high level of safety. Retail solutions often include these in their product packaging. If you have significant shipping requirements, you can supply top quality at a low price with this packaging material.

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