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What is Paper Stock?


Paper stock is an essential component of packaging because it helps with printing jobs to be completed beautifully. Any printing process would be incomplete without paper stock, and the quality of this material will affect the outcome.

Moreover, you can get paper stock in three different types, such as

  • Art Paper
  • Matte Paper
  • Kraft Paper
  • Morocco Paper

It depends entirely on the client’s requirements to choose the paper stock. And each stock comes with its characteristics. Below you will find detailed information about these stocks:

Art Paper

There are two types of art paper: matte and glossy. Matte paper has a smooth surface, while glossy paper has a glossy surface. Printed materials with illustrations, such as brochures, calendars, and picture books, are the most common uses of this type of printing. Glossy art paper is used to print the exhibit pamphlets. 

It is best to use art paper for reproducing artwork or for creating digital graphics if you are making artwork. Further, art paper allows you to print your artwork on both sides, making the custom boxes more appealing to consumers.

Matte Paper

Unlike glossy papers, matte-coated papers have a very minimal amount of sheen and have a non-glossy look. There is a greater bulk and cost to these papers, as well as they are more opaque. 

Ink cannot penetrate the matte coating. Matte paper is ideal for the display of photos because it does not create reflections. The surface does not reflect light, so it looks like real paper.

Kraft paper 

Paper made from Kraft is strong! Besides its durability and tear resistance, raw Kraft is also brown, resulting from its pulping. It is also possible to find kraft paper in various colors and shades, making it highly useful for different types of packaging boxes.

Besides being 100% eco-friendly, it is also robust and protective. Like leaves that fall off a tree, it decomposes naturally within a few weeks. No one needs to wait that long for it since it leaves no impact on the planet.

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