Candle Boxes

Custom candle boxes are designed to protect and showcase the candles. Tailor the candle boxes’ size, shape, and style to ensure a secure fit. Candle boxes can be personalized with vibrant colors and innovative designs. To elevate the unboxing experience, Get a quote with low minimums, quick turnaround, and free shipping.

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Candle Box Specifications

Materials Choices:

Quality is non-negotiable, so we use only the finest materials that protect and secure candles and reflect a commitment to environmental responsibility.

  • Cardstock: A popular choice for candle boxes due to its versatility and durability. This thinner material showcases vibrant colors and printing.
  • Brown Kraft: made from recycled paper fibers, offering commitment to sustainability, and providing packaging with an authentic and rustic charm.
  • Rigidstock:  offers a luxurious and high-quality appearance, and provides maximum strength and rigidity.
  • Corrugated: provides superior protection against damage during transit. Its layered construction offers added strength and shock absorption.

Each material offers its unique benefits in terms of durability, aesthetics, and eco-friendliness. 

Thickness Options:

  • 14 pt: Ideal for lightweight candles
  • 18 pt: Strike a balance between durability and flexibility
  • 24 pt: Offers maximum thickness when enhanced protection is required during storage and shipping.


When it comes to styles for custom candle boxes, we offer a variety of options to suit your preferences. 

  • Tuck End Boxes:
    • Reverse Tuck End: features flaps folding in opposite directions, providing a sleek appearance. It’s ideal for brands prioritizing simplicity and functionality. 
    • Straight Tuck End: involves flaps folding in the same direction, offering a classic design and easy access to candles. 
  • Foldable Box: Foldable boxes are versatile and space-saving, making them ideal for shipping and storage. They can be easily assembled and collapsed, offering convenience.
  • The lid and base: consist of two separate pieces: the lid and the base that securely encase the candles: It ensures protection against external elements.


Custom candle boxes offer a variety of color options, to complement your brand’s look.

  • CMYK: Utilize the CMYK color model for precise color reproduction and vibrant designs.
  • Pantone: Ensure color accuracy and consistency with Pantone matching for your custom candle boxes, achieving the exact shades you desire.

You may consider special colors like Metallic Silver or Metallic Gold for a touch of luxury.


For custom candle boxes, we offer a range of finishes;

  • Matte: Achieve a smooth, non-reflective surface that adds sophistication to your custom candle boxes.
  • Gloss: Enhance colors and images with a shiny, reflective coating that adds vibrancy to your candle packaging.
  • Soft Touch: Create a luxurious tactile experience with a velvety texture. 
  • Foil Stamping: Utilizes metallic or pigmented foil to add a luxurious, eye-catching element to specific printed material areas, enhancing their visual appeal and perceived value.


  • Embossing: Raise logos, patterns, and text elements to add visual interest and premium touch to your custom candle boxes.
  • Debossing:  presses areas to create a subtle, elegant effect on boxes, perfect for branding.
  • Window Patching: Integrate a transparent window into your candle boxes to showcase the product inside.
  • UV coating: enhances the visual appeal and offers increased protection against scratches and water damage while making colors appear more vibrant.

Boost Your Sales with Custom Candle Boxes

Maximize your brand impact and boost sales potential with our premium quality custom-printed candle boxes. We empower brands to revolutionize marketing and sales approaches and stand out in the competitive market.

Our custom packaging showcases brand identity through artwork, graphics, and prominent logo display. Moreover, effective taglines resonate with target audiences. This will ultimately drive sales.

Maximize Your Savings with Wholesale candle boxes

Wholesale candle boxes offer a budget-friendly packaging solution for businesses seeking to reduce costs without compromising on product quality. While providing cost savings, our wholesale candle boxes are securely packaged and presented with professionalism.


What is the typical processing time for my custom candle box orders?

Our manufacturing process typically takes 8 to 10 business days, with an additional 2 to 3 days allocated for shipping. Please note that exceptions may apply for rush orders.

Can I request a sample of Customized Candle Boxes?

Absolutely! If you’re interested in receiving a sample, just let us know, and we’ll gladly accommodate your request.

Can I choose special colors for printing on custom candle boxes?

Yes, you have the freedom to choose from various printing options, including CMYK, and PMS.

What quantity is required to place an order?

There’s no minimum requirement; you’re welcome to order any quantity of candle boxes without restrictions.

How can I determine the appropriate box size for my candles?

To select the correct box size, measure the dimensions of your candles as they would be packed, allowing for a bit of extra space for convenience.

Are there eco-friendly options available for custom candle boxes?

Yes, we offer eco-friendly materials and printing options for customers who prioritize sustainability in their packaging. 

What are my printing options for the candle packaging?

You have two printing options for candle packaging: digital and offset printing.