Tuck End

Tuck end boxes have two tuck flaps on top and bottom that can be easily folded inward to secure the product inside. These boxes enable users to open the box as many times as they like and conveniently access the products. There are a variety of industries that use tuck-end boxes, including retail, cosmetics, electronics, and food. Their ability to provide protection and attractive presentation makes them a popular packaging solution.

Two Piece

A two-piece box (also known as lid and base box or detachable lid box) consists of a tray and a lid. A double-walled structure makes this box durable and strong. You can also add inserts to the box that hold your products in place. These boxes are used to package various products, including luxury items, gift sets, electronics, and more. Their premium appearance makes them ideal for products needing protection and an elegant presentation. 

Tray Sleeve

Sliding sleeve tray boxes offer a distinctive packaging solution due to the combination of a tray and sleeve. As a base, the tray offers stability, while the sleeve provides protection and aesthetic appeal by fitting snugly over the tray. It provides creative branding opportunities and a visually appealing way to display products, which is why it is widely used for various retail and promotional purposes. Boxes with tray sleeves are frequently used for cosmetics, confectionery, small electronics, and other goods that require a blend of security and visual impact.

Auto Bottom

Auto-lock bottom boxes are cardboard boxes that have a unique bottom-locking mechanism. When the bottom flaps of the box are assembled, this mechanism automatically locks them into place. The box can be used to package various products. To make assembly easy and quick, the top flap of the box tucks into the front while the bottom automatically folds. As a result of this design, manual-folding and tucking are eliminated, making assembly faster and more efficient.  

Tuck Top

Tuck-top boxes are durable packaging solutions due to their double-wall construction. The tuck box has one opening on top with a closing flap that fits into the bottom tray. It is easy to assemble the tuck-top boxes without glue. These boxes are typically used for packaging cosmetics, candy and sweets, toys, and gift items, but they can also host any product. Tuck-top boxes are versatile for various industries due to their user-friendly design and attractive presentation.

Display Box

Display boxes are specialized packaging solutions that provide an organized and visually appealing way to showcase products. These boxes are specially designed to enhance the visual impact of the products they contain while communicating the unique features of each product. Display boxes create eye-catching displays in retail, trade shows, and exhibitions. These boxes use compelling visual storytelling to enhance product visibility and drive sales by combining practicality and elegance. 

Mailer Box

Mailer boxes function as both packaging and branding for products during shipping. They are easy to assemble and do not require adhesive tape due to the interlocking flaps and wings. Often made from sturdy materials such as corrugated cardboard, these boxes come in various sizes and designs. As mailer boxes feature self-locking mechanisms, assembly is simple and requires no additional sealing materials. E-commerce businesses typically use these boxes to ship products to customers, protecting them in transit and promoting their brand.

Seal End

Seal-end boxes are popular in the food industry, especially for cereals that come in sealed boxes. A seal end box is a packaging solution with double overlapped panels and two dust flaps that can be slipped underneath easily. These boxes provide secure and tamper-proof storage for various products because they come with a pre-glued seal. Mostly, the top flap is sealed by the box manufacturer, while the user seals the bottom flap after putting the product inside.  

Hanged Tab

Hang tab boxes are usually made of cardboard and designed for hanging from pegs or hooks in retail displays. These boxes have a small tab with a hole on top for hanging them, making your merchandise noticeable from afar. You can hang them anywhere in your retail store, including cash counters, display aisles, and crowded areas. A window in these boxes would make them more noticeable. These boxes are often used for displaying small items such as mobile accessories, toys, stationary, and gift items at points of sale. The hang tab eliminates the need for additional packaging, which makes it a cost-effective option for retailers.

Pillow Box

A pillow box has a distinctive look used to package small gifts, favors, or promotional materials. It is typically made from cardstock and looks like a miniature pillow. Its unique design and curved edges make it look like a cushion or pillow. This packaging style’s simplicity, elegance, and versatility make it popular. Pillow boxes are easy to assemble because of their convenient foldable nature, making them popular for weddings, parties, or corporate events when a touch of charm and functionality is desired.

1.2.3 Bottom

1-2-3 bottom boxes (also known as snap lock boxes) allow for easy assembly without tape. The top styles and closures can be configured in various ways. These boxes have three interlocking panels at the bottom to pack products quickly and safely while adding extra protection. 1-2-3 Bottom boxes are ideal for packaging in various industries, including cosmetics, medicines, and retail merchandise, because they are efficient in both assembly and safety. The flaps can be closed in three simple steps. The three steps in the box assembly process are straightforward and can be completed rapidly.