Custom Food Boxes

We’re here to help you find excellent custom food packaging at affordable prices. Our food packaging is ideal for storing and transporting various baked goods. We offer a wide range of options with different designs, sizes, colors, and patterns to suit your needs.

Boxes for Packaging Food Wholesale

Today’s high level of competition between food brands has made food containers vital. There are a lot of food boxes used across the globe. Pizza boxes, snack boxes, and everything in between; food package keeps foods safe by keeping them away from harmful bacteria.

The boxes are perfect for storing cookies, snacks, frozen meals, deli food, pizzaChinese meals, sandwiches, cakes, truffles, and many more items. Thus, the material of food cartons differs depending on what kind of food items are inside. Although, each food box takes care to account for factors outside its control that may adversely affect the quality of the food.

It appears that customers prefer products packaged beautifully. No matter how much someone likes to eat, if it’s not packaged nicely, they won’t buy it. Food brands need creative Food Box packaging designs to make food items appear attractive. Further, food container has a variety of boxes, styles, and printing methods. Also, the cartons have handles to make them safer to deliver to the customer.

Why Do People Use Custom Food Boxes?

Companies that package food for sale benefit from the sale of the packaging. Thus, the packaging of food products must be attractive and tempting to catch the market’s interest. With custom food packaging boxes wholesale, you want to dazzle your customer. By packaging them correctly, you will quickly increase sales. You will catch consumers’ attention with the clever designs on the box. They prefer this brand’s food over others. As a result, you will develop a well-known brand and earn high profits.

A high-quality food packaging material will provide long-term safety and hygiene. Also, food items come in packaging to protect them against damage due to moisture and spoilage. Further, the package of food brands can play a crucial role when it comes to the promotion of their brand. Therefore, you should appear on the Custom Food Boxes Wholesale cover with your logo and some facts. You want people to recognize the logo as part of your food brand. Food cartons with your logo are the best way to identify yourself from your rivals.

The Box Printers in the USA offers a wide selection of Frozen Food Boxes, which are customizable in style and design through multiple printing methods. Packaging boxes with these unique features are handy, lightweight, and easy to use. In addition, the retail stores probably have plenty of food and beverage products displayed. Within five seconds of seeing the products, people select the one they want. Your custom food packaging design must appeal to the target market if you wish to attract them to your food products.

Process of Making Food Containers

These custom packaging boxes come in many shapes and designs, with a wide range of paint choices. For food box wholesaler boxes to be able to offer the perfect package for food products, the packaging will undergo a series of quality control checks.

A quality box design for packaging food is what we offer at The Box Printers. TBP offers attractive designs and top-notch prints that can cater to all your packing needs.

Choose the Ideal Box Materials for Your Food Storage and Handling

Packing materials for food packages must be high grade, strong, and durable by nature. The best packaging materials for edible items are cardboard, corrugated paper, rigid paper, and Kraft paper. The Box Printers also offers green and reusable boxes for food. Thus, the food industry is facing a rapid increase in the demand for custom food packaging boxes. Across the globe, more and more people choose food that comes in a green manner.

The custom boxes for food products can come in a variety of materials. It depends on your needs, the type of food product, and the allergy level you can choose one of these. Also, cardboard is a good material for crafting cheap food cartons with custom widths. The cardboard sheets and Kraft papers used in making food boxes can enhance each other to provide a lasting and beautiful result. So let’s go over the food packing materials a bit further:

Kraft Paper That Is Eco-Friendly

Paper made from recycled Kraft is 100% biodegradable, recyclable, and safe for the climate since it causes no pollution. Restaurants and food stores can use them for their products. Food-conscious customers buy products packaged in green Kraft boxes because they are eco-friendly. The material comes in a brown hue, but you may add colors or shades to meet your clients’ needs. We help you build and grow your business and get more clients’ loyalty by supplying you with top-notch and premium food containers.

High-Quality Corrugated Boxes

Three layers of Kraft paper make up this sturdy, strong material. The inner lining of this material has flutes that prevent the product from crushing. Food products can be shipped using this material in bulk quantities. Also, food cartons made of corrugated cardboard make it possible for heavy goods to travel rapidly and safely to their endpoints.

Creating a Green Food Box Packaging Option

Since more and more people care about the future, brands must pay close attention to green packing. Thus, eco-friendly food container is one of the most valuable items retailers need to consider. Also, food packaging boxes wholesale can help your brand gain rave reviews from clients. Kraft paper and cardboard are both suitable for packaging food; they are reliable materials for packaging foods. In the packaging industry, The Box Printers (TBP) is a leading brand for custom food boxes. We produce high-end, customized cartons for food service operators and food industry firms.

TBP Offers a Wide Variety of Food Cartons for Every Taste and Budget

Almost any type of retail box can be handled wholesale by a company in the food industry. TBP makes use of this fact and builds them to fit your needs. Several of these products are highly in demand.

Tea Boxes

When it comes to tea, one of the major concerns is to present it in the best possible light. As a result, The Box Printers can offer you customized boxes that are exquisite and dazzling. The sizes and shapes we offer, as well as the dimensions and designs, are endless. We have an array of styles, colors, and finishes for you to execute these strategies with ease. Our packaging includes a variety of styles, so we have something for everyone, from soft pink packages with light, fragrant loose tea to bold black tea packaging in a matte finish or glossy fun appeal.

Popcorn Boxes

Cinemas are the most popular place to order popcorn. Large crowds congregate in one place at one time. Lightweight, sturdy boxes that are easy to dispose of are often sought by companies when shipping products. However, they should also be reasonable to maintain profit margins. It is essential to weigh all these factors when choosing The Box Printers. If the packaging is easy for the buyers, it is possible to keep popcorn fresh and provide easy access in a crowded place. All products are held well inside our non-toxic boxes made from superior materials. We offer many options such as vivid red, vibrant black, navy, or rose, according to your taste. The Box Printers also have the option of choosing a package.

Pizza Boxes

In addition to being eco-friendly, pizza boxes are more stylish than regular boxes. These boxes are made from recyclable cardboard, so they are greener than standard boxes. Boxes that keep pizza fresh and safe are easy to find because we know you need them. And they are recyclable once they are empty. We even customize pizza boxes. Whatever your business needs, we have it. It’s even possible for you to add your brand to it. We can add a custom logo, promo codes, QR codes, etc.

Macaron Boxes

Due to their aesthetic nature, cafes, malls, and bakeries need to give them an appealing look to make them more attractive to customers. You can customize a product’s packaging to suit any age group with The Box Printers’ sleek, chic, and trendy boxes. We provide sturdy and wide boxes, which protect the items from breaking and harm and keep the goods fresh over a long period. We ensure customer satisfaction at the highest possible level. Only the highest quality materials provide for our boxes. From trendy vintage looks to Instagram-worthy finishes, choose from a wide array of colors and aesthetics. Among the services we offer are embossing, glossy, matte, inner lamination, foiling, and many more.

French fry Boxes

French fries are a favorite order of side dishes at any diner. Instead of low-quality, easily torn packing, consumers choose packages that are easier to handle. We offer top-grade custom food packaging that is easy to handle. Customize your packaging to display your logo without worry.

The Box Printers create custom food boxes of any size or shape. We can do this for a reasonable price to meet your needs. It is vital to maintain both your product’s quality and to ensure it has a quick sale.

Donut Boxes

Box makers have access to green, eco-friendly boxes that will enable them to make a profit. We ensure total protection for products from external effects with premium lock technology or provide ease of re-sealing for future use. A variety of styles are available, and you can choose the best. You can also create your unique theme or add your flair. No matter what size or dimensions you require, we can assist you. Use our affordable, eco-friendly, and recyclable boxes to store your treats and make them last longer.

Cookie Boxes

Fragile items such as cookies require special handling. Your product is prone to damage by a broken seal or moisture, which reduces the shelf life. We take extra measures to keep your product safe. Our modern, top-grade, customizable boxes ensure your product’s quality and freshness. Let us help you make a lasting impact. We ensure that your brand receives the attention and trust that it deserves. No matter what size or shape your products are, we can design them for you. You can keep production costs down and maximize food packaging boxes wholesale profits through great deals and offers from us.

Coffee Boxes

One of the biggest industries in the world is the coffee industry. It is vital to package your products and promote your brand with high-quality items, whether you are a coffee seller or a brand. We provide you with customizable coffee boxes for this purpose. Boxes with custom printing are crucial if you want to make your clients feel as if they are putting effort and time into the products they buy from you. It should seem like you give them a gift when they buy from you. The boxes come in many shades. They contain recycled cardboard and ink. The artwork can include any image or text.

Cereal Boxes

We are aware of the value of protecting cereal from elements such as light and moisture. We never want your crunchy breakfast ruined by light and humidity. Also, we know how special your bond is with the cereal you love. Thus, based on your needs, we can design each box to meet your goals. We use reliable and efficient packaging for cereal. Materials of the highest quality are used in the creation of our cartons. The elements must not cause them to break down or lose that seal over time. As a result, you can be sure it remains crisp and tasty for as long as you like.

Chocolate Boxes

The Fire Exotic range features designs to display your deepest emotions for Love Day or choose from several elegant designs for special events. You can rely on ‘The Box Printers’ for all your printing needs. It is perfect for religious activities, important news, or your big day. Box types, sizes, and designs are customizable based on your choices and needs. Our economy boxes are eco-friendly and provide you with the best solution. We ensure that our sturdy packaging protects the supplier’s product from harmful elements and keeps its quality intact. We offer exceptional, eye-catching boxes for you to advertise your logo and brand.

Candy Boxes

Whenever you need candy boxes printed or designed, The Box Printers is the right place to go. Getting your candy boxes printed is fun, and we know how important it is to have some joy. Through color and typography, we can achieve that best. Using only the best materials and printing methods, we provide a beautiful package for your sweets. Our custom food packaging and wrappers are perfect if you have an idea for creating an eye-catching package for your candy store.

Cake Boxes

Not only will our packaging protect the product but also its design. We have inserted stiff inserts into the base of the package to make the base strong enough to hold heavy cakes. Your product is protected from all external elements because we have waterproof features and efficient sealing in each box. Companies and bakers can customize our packaging by changing the size and shape of the boxes and the design. We can also help you choose colors that have a theme matching your events and celebrations, from elegant pastels to bright neon.

The boxes are customizable to your taste, unique to you and your occasion, and suited to your style and needs. We offer many options and colors and strive to meet any wishes or wants of the client. We offer boxes in all sizes and dimensions, ranging from beautiful, intricate golden laminated boxes to simple cardboard boxes. Our crates are reusable and eco-friendly so that they are recycled safely.

Biscuit Boxes

A great display is essential. There are many options available to customize to the specific needs of our clients. Our high-quality custom-made boxes ensure the products remain fresh and make them irresistible to buyers with striking designs. Our creative packaging makes your product unique, besides the variety of choices we offer, we can make your vision a reality. Additionally, we print all text you provide to us without skimping on design to give your project a unique look. Our affordable and brilliant designs will increase revenue and profits.

Why Choose Our Food Packaging?

The demand for food is high, and food provides many goods. You can handle them individually often, or you can do it all at once in other cases. What matters is how well-made the goods are and how much they make you want them. Special food cartons help you get there. Here are some key traits we offer for food containers:

  • Our box designs are highly diverse since they include all kinds of products. Food safety is easy to ensure with its various dimensions.
  • Also, you can trust their quality as a food supplier to preserve their quality.
  • We provide quality food boxes to ensure your company can grow without giving up on quality.
  • It’s our job to ensure that the products or materials in our food packaging are secure and inserted. Using our packaging boxes in this way is both helpful and efficient.
  • All food products are safe to ship by these boxes.
  • We use fully sealed cartons to keep frozen food fresh.
  • You can choose between flat or rectangular boxes to make life easier. We can also design custom boxes to your specs.
  • You can also store frozen products in good condition with our large boxes.

Make Your Food Packaging Creative With Us!

You take control of the creative process when you design your product. We offer frozen boxes that are customizable. There is plenty of space to display your logo, brand, text, and product details. To increase the appeal of your brand, feel free to select the artwork of your choice for our custom frozen packaging boxes. By taking a picture of your products, we can include them on the outside of the package. Our boxes also feature the text and logo of your firm. High-quality materials are used to construct our food boxes to ensure the safety of frozen food.


If you don’t find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us via email and we will be happy to assist.

Is it necessary for me to provide the design?

To be eligible for free design assistance, customers must provide their image or artwork of their company.

When will the box quotation be ready?

It will be available for free. We will make packaging solutions for your order based on your preferences after you tell us the dimensions, number, and other specifics.

What materials are used to make custom shipping boxes?

Our custom packaging boxes are made of high-quality material. These materials include Kraft cardstock, corrugated, bux board, cardboard, and rigid stock. All the supplies are pretty easy to assemble. Kraft stock and white cardboard are recyclable. Neither the product nor the environment will suffer from this. Recycling is easy for the customer, so the waste and pollution will decrease.

What makes TBP the ideal packaging option?

TBP provides customers with quality material. The top-of-the-line machinery and advanced technologies we use distinguish our products from those of our competitors. As an international shipping company, we can deliver our products securely and promptly to our customers.