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The packaging of the custom pillow boxes attracts the customers which increases the sales towards them. The brand can boost up their business and value in the market by selling custom pillow boxes. The custom pillow boxes are not only used for securing the pillow, but you can put your extra house stuff and use it as a gift box too.

You can customize the pillow in any size and shape. You have different options here such as a pillow box with a handle, large or small pillow box. You can print your brand logo and information on it for giving it an impressive look. You can also print different designs and prints on the custom pillow box. If you are confused regarding the designs, you can contact our workers, they will help you in concluding. The different prints and designs will enhance the beauty of the custom pillow box making it unique and special. We not only have the facility of printing and designing, but we also give a last finishing look with various techniques.

We deliver the custom pillow boxes at wholesale and reasonable price. We always make our customers happy and contented. Hurry up and grab your orders now.


Product Specifications

Group 426
Available in all shapes and sizes
Group 428
14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S C2S
Group 430
Finishing options:
Glossy, Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV
Group 432
Add on choices:
Die cut window, gold foiling/silver foiling

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Pillow Boxes are the combo of attraction and serviceable material that provide enduring packaging and beauty at the same time. We, at The Box Printers, are the ones that combine excellence with quality and make the most acceptable pillow boxes.

We care about the customer’s needs and requirements and produce the best custom pillow boxes that reflect the modernized appearance and approaches. We follow the proactive approach that gives productive results in the shape of impeccable pillow boxes one can ask for.

Custom-Made Pillow Boxes

Pillow boxes naturally are very engaging and attractive. Their shape and eye-catchy characteristics make them perceivable in front of people. We make custom pillow boxes that different companies and organizations can look for. At The Box Printers, we take into every detail and requirement of our clients and make the best pillow boxes, tailored to their individual needs.

Special Purpose Pillow Boxes

These pillow boxes provide an essence of class and excellence at special occasions like birthdays and family functions. We provide Pillow boxes that intensify the beauty and elegance of the business exhibitions and fairs. You can pack the complimentary gifts of your company names in the custom pillow boxes we provide.

Cosmetic High Care Products Pillow Boxes

Our custom-made high-class pillow boxes provide the best source to pack high-quality cosmetics products for better care and protection. These pillow boxes are in the trends, and the whole cosmetic market does care for the pillow boxes. Different beauty products you see every day are packed in pillow boxes.

Our pillow boxes provide two benefits: complete assurance of the product’s safety and stylish and attractive packaging that increase the product’s beauty.

We Create Food Items Pillow Boxes

These pillow boxes are widely used in food packaging. You can see different kids’ edibles packed in attractive and safe pillow boxes in the market. We provide pillow boxes made with highly sturdy materials that provide complete protection and safety of the food.

Our food pillow boxes can specifically be made for packing and preserving food because we cannot risk the quality; we provide the finest products.

Our Medicine Pillow Boxes

Medicine and their protection both are critically important. Moreover, there are medical products that solely come in the pillow box packaging. We make custom-made pillow boxes using modern technology and safe material to preserve the medicine from unwanted conditions.

Our medicine pillow boxes are used to pack the instruments of the medical laboratories. The company uses these small and large PVC or Kraft pillow boxes to pack the plastic materials.

We Make Eco-friendly Pillow Boxes

Nowadays, with the increasing pollution, it is indispensable to use the material that can replace the shopping bags and different plastic oriented material that cannot be recycled and is not decomposable. We at The Box Printers provide pillow boxes that are ecosystem friendly, and we ought to prevent nature and natural resources.

We use Kraft material to produce the pillow boxes, a biodegradable material that can help preserve nature. We follow the international standard to make environmentally friendly pillow boxes that is the professional approach everyone in the market should follow.

Our Advertisement-oriented Pillow Boxes

Whether you are running an organization or an enterprise, you need pillow boxes to advertise your products. Our pillow boxes serve as the branding solution for your setup as you can put the Logo and do copywriting to persuade the customer.

The entrepreneurs follow the boxes approach to reach the customers by putting the details on the pillow boxes in which they give gifts and pampers. We at The Box Printers follow the holistic approach to make the perfect brand and advertisement-oriented pillow boxes.

Resilient Material We Use for Pillow Boxes

We at The Box Printers produce the best of products using the best of materials. We use the most acceptable printing solution that helps us lead the market. Our material for the Pillow boxes includes Cardboard Pillow Boxes, Kraft Pillow Boxes, Die-cut Pillow Boxes, Corrugated Pillow Boxes, and many others.

All the material we use is ecosystem friendly and equipped with many other characteristics like sturdiness and protecting layers that help preserve the things.


We use different types of add-ons that bring variety and difference to our pillow boxes. We provide the coatings and glittering on the boxes to increase the beauty of the boxes.

Furthermore, if you want to add or use some specific decorating material, we can personalize it for you.

Enticing Reasons to Use Our Pillow Boxes

Hard-wearing Boxes

We provide boxes made up of sturdy and robust material that help protect the gifts and things.

We Follow Trends

We follow the proper trends and fashions of the market and always provide the best products that can serve as the market leader.

Diversity We Have

We at The Box Printers provide a variety of colors and sizes of Pillow boxes. Our company delivers vibrant and bright offers that can persuade the customers and people who see them.

In Budget Packages

Our packages of different sizes, colors, and specifications are totally on budget and economical. We provide pillow boxes that comprise quality and standard at the proper cost.

Our Conceivable Customer Care

We provide the best customer care facility to receive your quotation and follow up on particular requests and complaints in rare cases. We provide proper guidance to our customers that they feel obliged and adequately assisted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your Pillow boxes eco-friendly?

Yes, we make our pillow boxes with material that is ecosystem and nature-friendly. We use Kraft, corrugated material, and cardboard, etc. The type of material makes us different and unique.

Do you deal in add-ons?

Absolutely yes, we deal in add-ons and additional materials when required and asked. We use the material for customer satisfaction with coatings and glossing if someone asks for some particular material on the boxes.

Can I provide my designs for processing?

We have a variety of designs and patterns that can satisfy your needs, but if you want to create one for your taste and demand, we can do that for you.

What is the significance of our pillow boxes?

We make the perfect and flawless pillow boxes at The Box Printers. We use the finest of material and follow the point-to-point instructions, and use an advanced printing system.

How can I get custom-made pillow boxes?

You need to make a quote on our site, and then our pro team will accommodate you further in every possible way.


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