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Custom Rigid Boxes

Our Custom Rigid Boxes are best to add a wow factor to your customer’s unboxing experience. Choose from a plethora of customization options for an everlasting branding impact.

Premium Rigid Packaging for Exceptional Presentation

Create a lasting impression with an exceptional presentation, look no further than premium rigid packaging. It is the perfect way to show off your product and ensure it individualizes from the competition. 

We have the best rigid packaging options to help your presentation make a statement. Moreover, our packaging materials and protective inserts help ensure that your valuable products arrive at their destination safely and elegantly.

rigid box
rigid box packaging
rigid packaging
Custom rigid boxes

Explore Our Whole New Line of Rigid Boxes

At TBP, we are thrilled to announce a new line of rigid boxes! These are perfect for various uses, from cosmetics to jewelry and electronics displays. These boxes are sure to turn heads with their unique designs and sturdy construction. Whether you need a stylish way to store your valuables or a decorative box to display your luxury items, our custom rigid boxes are the perfect solution. 

Here is a glimpse of our exciting new product line!

Magnetic Closure

Add convenience to your products with custom magnetic closure boxes. With its swift opening and closing mechanism, you can attract your audience and offer the best protection for their products.

Magnetic closure boxes

Two Piece Boxes

Two Piece Boxes are perfect for giving an ultimate unboxing appearance. Its robust and rigid stock and sliding top allow your product to stand out from the rest.

two piece rigid boxes

Tray and Sleeve

These boxes feature a hardcover with an intricate book-like design that can store and display jewelry, novelties, or any other unique item. Not only do they look great, but they are also incredibly durable and can be personalized to make a truly one-of-a-kind gift.

tray sleeve boxes

Rigid Setup Boxes

Similar to two-piece boxes, these containers feature a base and lid and an inner box suited for your products, adding an extra touch of luxury.

setup rigid boxes

Collapsible Magnetic Closure

These boxes look stylish and elegant and offer convenience and flexibility as they can easily collapse and store away when not in use. These are ideal for many businesses that want to keep their products safe and secure while ensuring they look great when presented to customers. 

collapsible magnetic closure

Rigid Stock

To manufacture rigid boxes, we use stock ranging from 800gsm to 1500gsm, but we can customize it according to the needs of customers and the products they wish to package.

White Paper Stock

Made from Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS) paper, this paper is chosen for excellent print quality, reliability and longevity.

Brown Kraft Stock

Unbleached brown kraft paper is an excellent choice for black-and-white printing projects that require a sturdy, high-quality foundation.


An overall softer appearance due to smoothness and non-reflectivity.


It adds a shiny and reflective texture but is more prone to fingerprints.


It can be done on rigid but not highly recommended, but yet more eco-friendly and cheap.

Soft Touch

It feels like velvet and looks like a matte finish, but it is heavy on the pocket.

Uv Printing

Due to the constant drying mechanism of UV printing in rigid boxes, your packaging can be made more vibrant and will be able to absorb ink instantly.


Add foiling to your packaging to make yourself more prominent in the market. Foiling can be done in any color as per customers' demand.

Embossing & Debossing

Adding texture to your packaging is possible through embossing or debossing. Embossing raises the artwork (usually your logo) from the rest of the printed material, while debossing sinks it down.


Printing with CMYK uses four pigmented inks: Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y), and Black (K). CMYK is the easiest and most cost-effective color printing method on the market.


The Pantone color system is more expensive than CMYK and is used for accurate color printing for brands.

Don’t take our word for this!

See what our customers had to say for themselves.

“Second time I purchase from The Box Printers and they were excellent! Ryan is super helpful and moves really quickly through the process. The quality is great and the turnaround is unmatchable to other companies I’ve looked into. Thanks so much Ryan!! : )”
“The Production was amazing was updated throughout the whole process and we’re very pleased with the final result. Will be working with again forsure! Thank you Victor!”

“Michael at The Box Printers was extremely helpful! I was looking to fulfill a large order of custom made boxes as well as produce samples beforehand within a tight timeframe & not only did he deliver on time but the product is clean & high end! 


“Michael was super accommodating during the design process. He was helpful in making my vision come alive. He always responded in a timely fashion which helped with the overall ease of the process.”

“Mike gave exceptional customer service and his attention to detail was terrific. Mike was very thorough with his questions to help us make our final product decision. The box he proposed exceeded our exceptions. We will continue to do business with your company because of Mike’s service.”
“Got my prints delivered even before the deadline with no compromise in quality! Had an excellent experience and definitely coming back”

Hassle Free Packaging Ordering Process

We know that ordering a packaging as per your needs can create a fuss for which we have that 6x simple steps:

1. Submit a Quote

Just drop a message and get your quote ready in minimum possible time.

2. Get a Sample (Optional)

Want to know how your product might look like? Ask for a sample before finalizing your order.

3. Confirm Order

Satisfied with the sample? Place your order today and get affordable rates.

4. Submit Artwork

Share your unique idea with us and leave the rest to our professionals.

5. Manufacturing Process

We start work on your order as soon as all your requirements are complete.

6. Shipment

We make sure to deliver your order in the minimum possible time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Didn’t get the solutions to your problem. Take a look at our FAQS!

We will start work on your order as soon as you finalize the quote. Our priority is to deliver it within 7 to 10 working days.

Yes, along with mockups, we also offer physical samples of your rigid boxes, but these would be on the quote and request. There are no such free samples.

Due to uneven global and environmental impacts, we cannot guarantee a fixed time for shipment arrival. However, we make sure that as soon as the order is complete, we dispatch it.

There is no minimum order quantity restriction at TBP, however, we recommend that you order at least 50 pieces to make it more affordable.

Rigid boxes are not a cost-effective item as they are luxury type. However, you can make it economical by opting for collapsible rigid boxes. These would save you cost in shipments.

At TBP,  we do not charge you for plates or die-cutting etc. In addition, there are also no hidden charges.

Reasons to Count On Us:

There are multiple reasons to count on our packaging solution! Our experts at TBP know what sort of needs and requirements each of your products might have, for which we make sure to manufacture your rigid packaging with perfection! Here’s what we have to offer!

Custom Size & Print

Get your desired packaging in any size and design you like. Moreover, you can customize your packaging print attributes according to your needs!

Sturdy & High-End Stock

Our rigid boxes are tailor-made of thick paperboard, which provides your products a great versatility! Whether you want your products to be shipped or to enhance their shelf life, our boxes are perfect!

MOQ from 50 Units

At TBP, our MOQ Policy for rigid boxes starts from 50 pieces, and if you exceed the limit of 500, you will get a readily wholesale rate from us!

rigid packaging boxes

Start Customizing Your Rigid Packaging Today With Us!

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