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Custom Soap Boxes

Create custom-printed soap boxes to showcase your amazing soap creations and tell your customers exactly what they’re getting. Our soap packaging is designed to impress at first glance

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Custom Soap Boxes to Create Lasting Impression

Our customization options allow you to choose from various shapes, sizes, materials, and finishes. You can count on us to deliver quality packaging solutions, whether a custom soap box, sleeve, or label.

Quality Materials for Every Soap Box

Custom-printed soap boxes are made with the finest materials to ensure your soaps are well-presented.

We use packaging stock, such as cardboard and kraft, depending on the exact needs of your product.

The cardboard gives your soap boxes a vibrant finish and texture with prominent color printing.

Kraft is biodegradable, gives your boxes a natural texture, and can have color printing, but it appears a little dull.

Product Specifications

Creating a perfect product packaging needs to be dealt with care and manufactured correctly. Below are the specification to our soap boxes

Foil Stamping

A process in which metal dies are used to apply foil films to a surface with the help of heat and pressure.


A technique in which a raised design is created by pressing or stamping a die on a surface to create a tactile effect.


Opposite to embossing, a technique that creates a depressed impression by pressing a die on a surface.

Spot UV

A method of applying high-gloss UV coating using ultraviolet light to cure the varnish on the printed material.


It involves applying a coating or laminate to the packaging material to create a non-glossy, smooth texture.


The process of applying coating or varnish to create a shiny and reflective texture on the packaging material.

Soft Touch

It provides a smoother texture, a velvety feel, and a non-reflective appearance to packaging materials.

Exciting Box Styles to Wow Your Customers

Custom soap boxes are exceptional in quality and come in various box styles to catch customers’ attention. You can create an impact on the shelves with the right soap box style. The most popular packaging styles for soaps are as follows:


Tuck End: Tuck end boxes feature a convenient and secure closure mechanism with both top and bottom flaps where the end flaps are tucked into the box to keep the soap safe and enclosed.


Holster Box: This box features a closure that tucks from the bottom and is half-opened with no top closing tuck. This style gives customers a chance to interact with the product as well.


Soap Sleeves: A soap sleeve is a cover used to enclose soap bars, typically made of cardboard or kraft and designed to perfect fit around the soap. It enables customers to smell the soap bars and become aware of their flavors.

Request Sample

Curious about how your soap packaging would look? Try ordering a sample from us. Our sample kits come in three various types, such as plain sample kits, random sample kits, and pre-production sample kits. Prices may vary from kit to kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having trouble finding what you are looking for? Feel free to reach out to us via email.

Can I get a dieline template for my custom packaging?

Yes, you can. Once you have placed your order with us, we can assist you with your custom die-line template, allowing you to see how your packaging would look in real time.

Is it possible to use my own artwork and design?

Our designers can assist you with creating your own artwork and design, but you will need to communicate with them first. You will be guided regarding format and resolution requirements.

Can I order a sample first before giving a bulk order?

To see if the box is perfect for your soap packaging, you can order just one after paying its cost. Once you're satisfied with your order, you can place a larger order using the same specifications.

Do you offer discounts on bulk orders?

Yes, you can get discounts on bulk soap box orders because pricing becomes more cost-efficient when you place a bulk order. The higher the number of boxes you order, the lower your unit price will be.